REVIEW: Nomad Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Adds Decadent Dessert Churros to the Menu

REVIEW: Nomad Lounge at Disney's Animal Kingdom Adds Decadent Dessert Churros to the Menu
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We have reviewed the Nomad Lounge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park a lot in the last year, so please check those out if you want to know about all of the drinks and other food available here:

Nomad Lounge if of course attached to the Tiffins restaurant in the Discovery Island section of the park, just before what will soon be the bridge leading guests into Pandora: The World of AVATAR. Another change has made its way to the menu as the establishment gets ready for the bigger crowds that Pandora will bring this May: gone is the Taste of Tiffins dessert, replaced with the lounge exclusive churros…

Churros with Vanilla Crema and Chili Strawberry Dipping Sauces ($9.00)

Churros, new dessert menu offering at Nomad Lounge, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park

The order comes with five small churros in a miniature frying basket… because that makes sense in Africa or Asia I guess…

The churros are nothing special. They are much softer than the theme park cart variety, but what makes them at least enjoyable is the dipping sauces provided. Separately, the Vanilla Crema and Strawberry Chili sauces are not remarkable flavors, but mixed together we found much better results. If you think a vanilla-strawberry-chili flavor sounds good, than these are at least worth ordering once.

Is this better than the Taste of Tiffins dessert that is no longer offered? No. My guess is that there sales for the dessert were not very high, so they went with something that more theme-park-goers would understand and maybe be excited to try.

While this is a slight downgrade, I still stand by that Nomad Lounge is one of the very best bars in all of Walt Disney World for their drink menu alone. It’s for sure the absolute best in any of the theme parks. Sure, there are a few good small bites here as well, but the drinks are the main event.

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  • Why must this site and others continually promote establishments on Disney property that serve alcoholic beverages? It goes against everything that Disney stands for, and I find it quite unsettling. The parks have become a haven of drunken louts that create an unsafe and unpleasant atmosphere.

    • I see no issue with giving an honest review of the many dining establishments at Disney. Doesn’t matter if they sell alcohol or not. We have the right to know if it is worth our time and money.

      By the way, times change. Disney was a heavy smoker and permitted smoking throughout his parks. Second hand smoke does far more damage to young lungs than witnessing an adult getting loud and obnoxious in public (which I don’t care for either, but they’re few and far between, unlike smokers.)

      • You honestly believe that second hand smoke is worse than public intoxication? I am certain your opinion will change next time you are sitting at the bar at The House of Blues, and two neanderthals engage in a drunken altercation and one misses striking his opponent and accidentally buries his fist into your dougy midsection. I too detest smokers, but I am aware that there are greater threats to my well being.

        • You won’t find me sitting in or near a bar, ever. I’m sorry someone sucker punched you at House of blues though. Not fun.

          The new security procedures around the monorail resorts will cut down on the drunks monorail bar hopping, at least I hope.

          And yes, second hand smoke kills. I’ve experienced tragedy first hand from it.

    • Nomad Lounge isn’t just about alcoholic beverages – they’re really secondary to the experience. It’s really about celebrating a love of travel and bringing people together across different cultures; the wall of donation tags with travel stories, the menu, and the environment all reinforce this. It’s entirely possible to visit Nomad Lounge, sit on the patio, and enjoy the food offerings and the natural beauty of Animal Kingdom without having a single alcoholic beverage.

      Actually, given that the prices for cocktails and wine are higher at Nomad Lounge, it’s likely to attract an audience that’s exactly the opposite of what you describe – people interested in the flavors and experience, rather than drunkenness. Craft cocktails that are more about flavor than booze and boutique wines that represent a deep agricultural tradition of various regions around the world aren’t what’s driving loutish behavior – that’s the $8 Sutter Home at Flame Tree BBQ, or the various slushes served from the booths bordering the World Showcase promenade.

      If you give Nomad Lounge a chance, you may find it’s the exact antithesis of what you describe. It’s a pleasant, calm environment where you can relax and reflect on the various cultures that inspired Disney’s most beautiful park.

      Of course, if your objection stems from a personal battle with alcoholism, I sympathize, and being in an environment where alcohol is available at all may be a challenge for you. Unfortunately, that describes most eating establishments worldwide. You may want to discreetly mention in the Special Requests section that you would like them to assist by ensuring an alcohol menu is not presented for table service reservations – I imagine Disney restaurants would be more than accommodating of that request without making a big deal out of it. With that modification, Tiffins might admittedly be a better choice for those in recovery than Nomad Lounge.

      • I also detest cretins that seek to judge me based on comments made on this site. Please save your judgements to those you see as inferior to yourself, which is typical of the average nasty Trump voter.

    • could not agree more! Alcohol has no place is Disney world. If people want to drink don’t go to disney. Disney is magical and doesn’t need Alcohol!

  • Churros around Orlando, not just Disney, are an offense to what a churro is. What you find all around Orlando theme parks and their periphery it’s an overly think, hard, cardboard like monstrosity that should be barred from the face of the earth.

    Sangrias are just as bad except at one place so far: Columbia House in Celebration. Paella is quite good there too

  • Fun fact the churros are gluten free so if someone is looking for a delicious gf option the churros are the way to go!!

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