RUMOR: Disneyland Paris to Introduce Paid ‘Fastpass Premium’ Service

RUMOR: Disneyland Paris to Introduce Paid 'Fastpass Premium' Service
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Starting in May, Disneyland Paris are said to be introducing a paid FastPass service.

It will reportedly be at a cost of €90 per day for unlimited Fastpasses and €15 for a single Fastpass. Thankfully, the current Fastpass system isn’t going anywhere, but this seems to be going hand in hand with the recent changes to the annual pass structure.

Shanghai Disney Resort is currently the only other Disney property that offers such a service, with Disneyland offering a paid service called MaxPass in the coming months that allows for digital FastPasses, but not for unlimited.

What do you think of the new changes? Let me know in the comments!

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  • €90 almost equals $100 per day for unlimited Fast Passes. To me that is a benefit for the rich. Maybe there could be a discount for those that stay in the resorts. Just an idea.

  • Writing on the wall, you’re going to have to pay for fast pass. Either up front, or as they track spending at WDW. If it cuts some crowds, I’m good with it. My complaints of Disney are too cheap, and too crowded. Triple the price and make it nicer, and thin out the crowds!

    • I dont mind paying for Fast Passes, but a break for those staying in the resorts would be nice.

      My family and I enjoy going in the dead of summer. It’s extremely clean and not very crowded at all. We stay at all levels of resorts and have for the longest time. What I’m trying to figure out is what your issue is with WDW being crowded. We have never had an issue nor witnessed an issue. So sorry you have though.

  • How to get the smallest penny that can stay in the pocket of visitors. You will end up losing them.

  • Not cool. I like that WDW gives everyone a chance to plan ahead without extra costs (except for an advantage for staying on property). I like that everyone is equal once we walk through the turnstiles. It separates WDW from Universal. I won’t be extreme and say I’m out if it happens at WDW, but I would definitely be disappointed.

    • Your never equal. People will always have more money and better things than you, it’s a part of life. Are you equal to the people paying for private tours right now ? Nope, how about the people paying for 500$ bottles of wine at dinner ? Your not equal now , I’m not equal either. Instead of crying about it I am going to work my ass off in order to be able to afford the best I can.

  • I personally think its a great idea. Yes, they are charging for something that is usually free, but if they still allow you to get the free ones and then charge this in addition to, it is a great value. If they did this at WDW, I think almost anyone would pay $15-$20 to not stand in line 3 hours for an attraction like Mine Train or Frozen.

  • As long as Fast Passes are available for free, like the current system, then I’m ok with it. I hope they limit the number of all Fast Passes so there aren’t long lines for any Fast Pass, like we have in Calfornia.

    • Ir they allow more fastpasses via pay in, there are going to be less free fastpasses. Otherwise, fastpass lines will get longer. You’re screwed either way

  • It’s not new. It has been available at Disneyland Paris for at least 5 years, but it was called a VIP Pass and you could buy it at Guest Services in Main Street for 50 Euro. There was a limit for the number of VIP Passes that was released every day and you had to know about it because it wasn’t advertised.

  • This would kill the FastPass system. Normal lines come to a complete stop since FastPass will go first. Everybody with a smaller wallet, who just are able to go to a Disneypark will be standing in line for ever. Worst plan ever.

  • I feel as though Disneyland Paris are finding ways to make it even more expensive to visit. Even their cheapest hotel makes it difficult to justify staying onsite & their recent annual pass restructure is, in my opinion, to close a loophole that made annual passes better value than buying tickets for almost any trip. I find Gardalands fastpass system much better value and, personally, an ideal structure as there’s tiers ranging from paying for individual rides, thrill & family passes (1-2 rides each on se rides) all the way up to unlimited. I have the luxury of not being constrained by school holidays so I definitely won’t be spending an extra €/£90.

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