Festival of Fantasy Parade Moving to 2pm Daily Starting in August, Is Paint the Night Parade to Blame?

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Beginning August 20th, 2017, the Magic Kingdom will no longer present a 3:00 parade…

The Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade will be presented at 2:00pm daily starting August 20th. This appears to be a permanent change.

No reason for the change has been given, but the Paint the Night Electrical Parade coming to the Magic Kingdom could be the reason. The park would need more time between the entertainment offerings considering how popular Happily Ever After is and how popular the Paint the Night Parade  would be (should it be moving, still a rumor at this point).

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  • Does this mean ‘what time the 3 O’clock parade’ isn’t a stupid question anymore?

  • Sad times. I can’t joke with my Cast Member friend about what time the three o’clock parade is anymore. D:

  • ???????? PTN ???????? is ???????? NOT ???????? going ???????? to ???????? Florida ???????? people???????????????????????????????? get ???????? your ???????? Facts ???????? Straight ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • If for no other reason than your absurd hand clap emojis, I genuinely hope for the PTN to MK announcement immediately.

  • The schedule change is simply to allow more time between the end of the parade (currently 3:35pm) and the start of early entry of the holiday parties (4pm). The current 25 minutes isn’t enough for PAC and Main St. Ops to make transition. The change of parade times begins August 20, which is the week of the first Halloween party this year, and the change will extend all the way through the 2 party seasons.

  • Would they add paint the night? I saw the move it shake it parade n they started using the same song as paint the night. It does rain every day at 5p maybe that’s the reason for the change.

  • This is happening simply in order to provide more time for crowd control between the end of the parade (currently 3:35 PM) and the start of early entry to the holiday parties (4pm). This change is not starting until the August 20; the week of the first Halloween party, and it extends through both holiday party seasons.

  • You’ll not allow this comment to be posted but Paint the Night is not coming to WDW, stop speculating.
    I used to take this website seriously but you more you push this the less and less I will use you.

  • My two cents: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party starts August 25, running into November, followed almost immediately by Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This time shift could possibly be due to these parties to alleviate performer needs for those nights; potentially also assisting with clearing Main Street for the 4pm admittance.

    I hope it’s for Paint the Night, though. Hands-down, that is the best Disney evening parade I’ve ever seen.

  • I’m so upset. I need pain the night in July not August. I know they’re bringing it when crowds become lower. Oh man

  • *sigh* PTN isn’t going to WDW. By insisting this, you’re looking more and more foolish.

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