Lularoe Disney Collection Coming Soon

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Just this week, Lularoe announced they have an upcoming collaboration with Disney. If you happened to be unaware of the Lularoe craze, they are most well known for their brightly patterned comfortable leggings. They do sell more than just leggings however: they also sell dresses, tops, sweaters, skirts and more! They have a womens collection as well as a kids collection too. In order to buy these clothing items, you must get them through one of their “pop up” shops (a.k.a. a party similar to that of Pampered Chef, Avon, Jamberry Nails, and Stampin’ Up).

This is the first official partnership between Lularoe and Disney. Fans of Disney and Lularoe have been excited in the past when they have offered prints that are reminiscent of Disney.

It should be interesting to see how this partnership plays out. Lularoe has recently been under attack for poor quality and high prices. The patterns never seem to match up nicely along the seams, and people frequently complain about the holes that seem to instantly develop in their products.

While no release date has officially been set, the rumor mill is stating that the Lularoe Disney Collection should be available early June.

Sneak Peek of Lularoe Disney Collection

disney lularoe









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  1. Thank you for this article… but it is rather sad that all the bloggers out there always focus on the negative and never the positive. LuLaRoe is a baby within the industry and it always appears that everyone wants to keep kicking the under dog. I’ve never quite understood the attitude of bad news sells!!! I personally love the brand because my wife loves them and I don’t mind the prices she pays because it is no sidfeent than shopping at a boutique in a downtown shopping district, But I do mind bloggers like you always posting the negative and then we as the customers get the backlash from it from other negative nellies always telling us oh I would never buy that or wear that….or my favorite “did you hear?” Why not write a post that leaves a positive mark in the world?

  2. My wife is a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant and too say we are a bit excited for the launch of this line is an understatement. We have heard that Star Wars and Marvel will be part of the agreement as well. Can’t wait for these to come out.

  3. I can’t wait !! I love my lularoe, and I am Sooo excited to try and get a pair…the only thing I don’t Care for are the people who claim everything and then resell for more money because they know ppl want them so bad, thats not fair ..if they’re gonna wear them and buy them for the love of lularoe that’s awesome.. That’s what I do..but if they’re going to just purchase them for the $25 they are and then make some person who wants and loves them a lot pay close to $100 thats just wrong..hopefully that will change tho..we can all hope ..but again I can’t wait and I’m Sooo excited.. Lularoe has the best quality leggings and I will never own anything else but lularoe!!!!!

  4. I never had a problem with Lularoe leggings! They are so soft and comfortable. The dresses and shirts are so comfortable also. Every consultant I dealt with has been nice to deal with. I have several health issues and I haven’t worn jeans for the last four years because everything hurts my skin. I only wear lularoe clothes. It’s given me my confidence back! It’s also wonderful knowing that I’m supporting a woman that is paying her bills and taking care of a family!!! Girl power ❤️

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