UPDATE: Brazil Likely the New Country Being Added to World Showcase During Epcot's Expansion

UPDATE: Brazil Likely the New Country Being Added to World Showcase During Epcot’s Expansion

With multiple sources now confirming, it seems likely that Brazil is the new country being added to World Showcase during the multi-year expansion and re-imagining of Walt Disney World’s Epcot.

Likely location for the new Brazil pavilion at Epcot
Likely location for the new Brazil pavilion at Epcot

The pavilion is rumored to be going between the Italy and Germany pavilions in World Showcase, an empty 1.5 acre plot left for a future pavilion since the park opened in 1982. The pavilion will likely include an attraction, but there are nor rumblings as to what it might be at this time.

Brazil will likely be announced for Epcot at the D23 Expo 2017 during the presentation on Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. This rumor dates back to a 2011 story run here on WDWNT.com.


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  1. I hope all Brazil in this Pavillion. Brazil is more than Rio de Janeiro and Amazon. South Brazil is really amazing

    1. You can forget about that. If there will be a Brazilian pavillion we’ll have all of the same, as always.

    2. what buildings or structures stand out in Brazil.. other than the Redemer statue, what says ‘that’s Brazil’…. ?

      1. Well, depends on how much you know or read about other countries, usually we know much more about the USA than Americans know about Brazil, we have Brasília, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bras%C3%ADlia, we have Ouro Preto https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouro_Preto, one of the many examples of Portuguese colonial architecture, we have Iguazu Falls (that is at least twice the size of Niagara and a Unesco World Heritage) we have Pantanal, we have Amazon…. Have you never heard about any of them?

  2. Fantastic! A gathering place for tour groups to all come together to chant and sing….ugh

    1. Couldn’t agree more…ugh!

      Switzerland,Spain,Australia,The Netherlands,Russia…so many better choices than Brazil. Brazilians are the most annoying group at Disneyworld.

      1. Perhaps Brazilian are annoying but also are the ones who spend more money in Florida. Disney should have constructed an special park for you in the Moon, so that you could stay there alone. Get a psychiatrist !

          1. I always thought that part of the reason why most Brazilians had such poor manners is because they don’t speak English very well. Explains why most are so rude towards others and seem not to follow instructions or signage.

            Thanks for making the point that most Brazilians don’t speak the language very well by not knowing the difference between the words “most” & “entire”. Properly speaking English will be your path to knowing more words like “please” and understand much more complex things as phrases like “do not”. It’ll be the beginning of your path for us liking Brazilians more by making the numbers of rude ones smaller.

            And please, learn not to be so loud all the time, not to push people in lines or around the parks and little things like that. We’ll all thank you for that.

          2. :) Seriously? How ludicrous can a guy be? You should write to Epcot asking them to allow to enter the park only those with a perfect English… And I’m sure you speak a perfect Spanish, French, Italian, German, etc…. You are insulting everybody here and…. is talking about manners? :) Anyway, Brazil government should spend more money building hospitals, or schools and not give money for a park where only Brazilians with a perfect English would be welcome.

          3. I agree. Rude people should stay away. And if you think I’m the only one who thinks most Brazilians that go to the parks are obnoxious & rude, your self delusion is stronger than I thought.

          4. Agreed. When Americans visit other countries aren’t we expected to somewhat assimilate?

    1. Not all countries south of America are the same. Caballero is a Spanish word. We speak Portuguese in Brazil, silly gringo.

      1. Well he’s actually half right. The originally appearance of Jose from the 3 Cableros was from a segment on Brazil in the film Saludos Amigos called Aquarela do Brasil. So they can very easily use those characters as he suggested and it make perfect sense, silly macaco.

      2. Except if you watch the movie, one of the three caballeros is Brazilian. So maybe chill out and understand what people are talking about before you start insulting them.

      3. The José Carioca character from the Three Caballeros Disney film is intended to be Brazilian. And Donald Duck is American. Only Panchito Pistoles is from a Spanish-speaking country (Mexico).

        Or should that movie have been called The Caballero, the Cavalheiro, and the Gentleman?

      4. Is a prerequisite to be a troll in this site to be so ignorant? Can you even name who the three caballeros are and which countries do they represent?

    2. Why would they end up there? Please enlighten those of us who don’t understand your train of thought?

  3. {fingers crossed} come on topless beach attraction, come on topless beach attraction.

  4. I do not have anything against Brazil (I’m sure it will be well done), but I have always held out hope that Venice would be expanded to include a waterway with Venetian Gondola rides… I know they’ve already expanded Italy once, but what Disney has there just doesn’t do Venice justice… Venice should wow any visitor that enters Italia… and it just doesn’t… It needed a waterway with active gondolas…

    1. Absolutely agree. I’ve been saying this since the first time I saw the gondola.

  5. Don’t touch my trains!!!!!! Do you want to see a riot? This is how you see a riot. Simply move the pavilion to where African Outpost is.

    1. If this is a Mallory Archer reference, bravo. But you should’ve worked “have your guts for garters” in there.

  6. Excited for this pavilion, but I hope they don’t get rid of the miniature train set.

  7. That’s not an “empty plot”. WDW’s Disney Performing Arts facility is what currently resides there between Italy and Germany.

      1. Not that it couldn’t go there but it makes more sense they use either the over dimensioned space they’re taking for the France attraction. They could easily take that space between France & Morocco even though it doesn’t make much more sense geographically (Spain would’ve made a lot more sense there)

        It makes more sense in the Africa “pavilion”. A lot of free space there and is next to Mexico.

  8. So, no SPAIN Pavillion then? Im not sold that isn’t happening as well. Ive heard stuff about Gigantic tie-ing into that so…

  9. oh yes, because that is what was needed.. another country to show off, with a lot of people who visit wdw coming from that country. Like how many americans spend time at the american pavilion, or what about canadians, do they think spending time in epcot canada is worth doing on vacation?

    I am sure Brazil could be interesting, but at the same time, there are so many more countries that could be more impressive to add, Egypt would be one that could be really incredible, Greece is another one, if you want a more western country, Australia and New Zealand could work as well or if you wanted more Asian, you could include South Korea or even Hong Kong.

    This seems like they are adding it to pander to the masses that come from Brazil and I don’t think its a good idea myself.

    1. Imagine that, a company who’s sole purpose is to make money, doing something that’s most likely to make them the most money.

    2. I am from Canada, and when I go to Epcot, I am so not interested by my pavillon!!! Oh Yes, Egypt would be great, or India maybe? Greece too. There are so much more interesting countries than Brazil (sorry, it’s my opinion).

  10. What will the culture they bring in showcase I wonder? Do they have a specific product to merchandise they make? Like Germany has cuckoo clocks, Italy has Venetian masks, Japan has kimonos, etc. Are they known for anything specific?
    I suppose it’s just to appease the mass group deals they have.
    Australia could at least offer us a more unique land with Vegemite, boomerangs, and kangaroo souvenirs.
    Don’t touch those German trains Disney!!!

    1. Well, you’re right. Here in Brazil we don’t produce anything. Actually, we are the 7th world economy just because we display our gourgeous bodies nonstop at our beaches all year round. We’re so lucky.

    2. If you want animals, you bet Brazil’s got some: macaws, parrots, toucans and porpoises just to name a few. Remember, the Amazon is in Brazil. And food… Are you serious? Brigadeiro, pão de queijo, cocada, acarajé, feijoada, pastel… And don’t forget gringo’s favorite drink: caipirinha. And merchandise, ha. Carnaval, Zé Carioca, havaianas, soccer stuff… Do I need to go on?
      And FYI Brazil’s pavilion was supposed to happen a looong time ago, when the park opened. There were talks between Disney and our president at the time.

      1. what famous buildings , structures or architecture says ‘Brazil’ other that Redeamer statue..?

        1. Was that supposed to diminish the ideia of a Brazilian pavilion? As if the ideia of the Redeamer Statue is bad…? What if that’s what represents the country for most people around the world? Just like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Taj Mahal and Statue of Liberty represent their countries around the globe.
          If you want to know, there’s a really famous architect in Brazil called Oscar Niemeyer and his work is really famous around here and internationally. There are some small towns in the countryside of Minas Gerais which have a really famous architecture too.
          But for me, my country is most famous for its natural beauty. And it’s not a bad thing. Our beaches, the Amazon, Pantanal… They’re all beautiful. Oh, and we also have the Sugar Loaf. :)

          1. Just can’t think of anything that stands out that’s not Iberian colonial ….

    3. they can have an attraction where people get mugged, robbed, shot, etc and call it RioLAND

      1. Or an attraction where you pretend to get robbed and then pee on a gas station and call it Lochte Land.

  11. I always thought thet should add a Polynesia pavilion – a smaller version of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawai’i.

  12. I can understand the choice of ???????? Brazil, now South America is represented as well. But I would like to see Australia ???????? them it will truly be a WORLD ???? showcase. It will be sad to see the train display go…

  13. Another example of Low I.Q. Crazy Disney raising prices and bringing nothing new to the parks. Predictable and sad!

  14. This could be good. I would rather have seen Greece or Australia. But this will be a place where the Tour groups will gather so they all won’t be in front of me in the single rider line for Aerosmith.

  15. All Americans gather in front and sit block the entrance so they have to walk around us for a change.

  16. Guess you guys were totally wrong about this – since no new country was announced at D23. Why post rumors when they are just that: rumors. All your sources aren’t too reliable I guess.

    1. Truth be told, thing is the thing I’m happiest about D23: No mention of the Brazil pavilion.

  17. Fantastic News! Every time I go to Disney I see so many Brazilians and I do not see anything from Brazil, even Ze Carioca, who is Disney Cartoons, so Im excited with new Brazilian Pavilion.

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