Disneyland Adventures & Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure Being Remastered for Xbox One

Two Disney games that were seemingly stuck forever on the original Kinect for Xbox 360 are now being brought over and upgraded for the Xbox One.

Disneyland Adventures and Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure will both be making their way to Xbox One on October 31, with a slew of updates.

Both games now support 4K resolution (for Xbox One X owners), HD, and HDR. Perhaps the biggest news though, is that now players can opt for traditional controls in place of the Kinect motion controls.

This addresses the major criticism of both these titles, which was the unresponsive motion controls. With a more traditional method of playing, these games can now shine and offer a unique and more broad appeal for fans looking to get their Disney gaming fix.

Both games will be sold for $30 each and feature new content, though Microsoft hasn’t specified just what that new content is.


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3 years ago

Will we finally get Lucasfilm content for Disneyland Adventures?