Star Wars Tour at Hollywood Studios Shifting Hours, Removing Dessert, and Reducing Price

Star Wars Tour at Hollywood Studios Shifting Hours, Removing Dessert, and Reducing Price
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Beginning October 1st, 2017, the Star Wars Guided Tour at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will shift to take place in the early morning and afternoon. Guests will still be able to enjoy reserved viewing for Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular at the end of the night, but the dessert party will no longer be included on the tour.

As a result, the price of the tour is being reduced from $121.12 to $99 per person, which includes tax.

Star Wars: Launch Bay is expected to close earlier in the evening starting October 1st as part of budget cuts at the park, which could be a reason for some of these changes.


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  • What I find interesting is that Disney surreptitiously establishes that the operations cost of a “dessert” party is approximately $22. Might have to reconsider dessert parties in this future since cost of other dessert parties show what level of price gouging Disney corporate sets. Wonder how much increased overall profit this allows by taking the dessert element out of the picture.

    • We’re planning a trip for Feb as I speak and was actually looking at this tour BECAUSE it included the dessert party, which my kids love. I don’t think the tour is as good of a deal without it.

    • I bet they just wanted to get the price point below $100. I don’t really think they subtracted $22 because that is their “cost” for providing the dessert party. I’d actually wager the cost is much lower than that. They still have to staff the location for the reserved viewing, so really you’re just looking at the cost of food. At Disney’s retail pricing the food may be $22, but their cost is much less.

  • Shameless money grab… corporate greed…Walt rollin’ in his grave… everything at Disney should be free…etc. etc.

    • They also reduced the budget for the Disney interns to comment in here. As a result, we only get rehashed canned comments.

      I’ll just wait until budget cuts take off the whole internet commenting department. By the looks of the park’s cuts, it won’t be long.

      • But then again, I’m an angry little man who’s only joy in life is trolling a Disney World news site, so what do I know?

        • It’s a good thing you know your limitation. You should do something about it and about that identity problem you have of impersonating people when you lose an argument. I guess it’s understood you have no personality after you’ve been fully brainwashed by Disney

          • Spoken like a true Universal Intern. Your overlords at Uni. will be pleased with their corporate lap dog.

      • Says the person that can only criticize people by calling them Disney interns. I guess you’re just the foremost expert on rehashed comments. Keep up the good work little Petey-wetey.

        • Well the jokes on you. I’m not an expert on anything but living alone and being bitter at the world.

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