Disney Using Canceled Disney Infinity Art to Create 'TOYBOX' Action Figures

Disney Using Canceled Disney Infinity Art to Create ‘TOYBOX’ Action Figures

It appears that Disney is recycling the iconic art style of the now canceled Disney Infinity video game series to create a new line of action figures.

As discovered by Twitter user Infiniteer Adventures, an ad has been put on the shopDisney website for “TOYBOX Action Figures” that simply states, “Get ready to interact with PIXAR, Star Wars and Marvel characters like never before. Online and in-store Friday, November 3.”

The Rey and Storm Trooper figures shown above clearly resemble the distinguished art style that the Disney Infinity series was so well known for. Also, the name TOYBOX Action Figures seems to be lifted from Disney Infinity‘s popular Toy Box mode, where players could create and share worlds using characters from tons of Disney-owned properties.

Seeing as this is all the information Disney has released so far, it is hard to know if these are just articulated toys, or if there is a digital interactive element that will accompany these toys. The ad does say “interact” but that could simply be a reference to the posable joints on the figures.

Ex-Avalanche Software executive producer John Vignocchi replied to a chain of Tweets, offering some more insight into this new product line.


There are a lot of questions left unanswered, but it seems that we will find out more on November 3, when these are scheduled to start releasing online and in-store on shopDisney.com.

To get another take on the TOYBOX Action Figures, check out Infiniteer Adventures’ YouTube analysis video.


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