FIRST LOOK: Concept Art for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs, Opens Summer 2019

FIRST LOOK: Concept Art for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs, Opens Summer 2019

Disney today provided a first look at the new NBA Experience at Walt Disney World Resort coming to Disney Springs.

The building design is inspired by NBA arenas around the country. “We are inspired by the design of the new building and the energy that it will bring to the West Side of Disney Springs,” said Senior Vice President of Disney Springs and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex Maribeth Bisienere. The state-of-the-art space will include interactive games and competitions, immersive experiences, a retail store and an adjacent restaurant.

NBA President, Global Partnerships Sal LaRocca, recently commented on the project, sharing, “This one-of-a-kind experience is sure to be enjoyed by basketball and Disney fans of all ages who visit Disney Springs from around the world.”

The NBA Experience will open on the West Side in Summer 2019. This is just one of many ongoing projects in the continuing expansion of Disney Springs.



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  1. I’m still very confused (and disappointed) about this addition to Disney Springs… this same type of place was unsuccessful at Universal, so I’m not sure why they are putting it in here. Not to mention, I just really don’t see it fitting in with the whole “theme” of Disney Springs, not that a bowling alley fits in either, but that seems to have worked to some degree.

    If I want to go to a place with good bar food and watch a sporting event I’ll go to ESPN Club. How many of these types of places are really needed on property?

  2. Ditto! How does this fit the theming/back story of Disney Springs? Oh, I get it – make more money!

  3. It’s going to fit in great with the Florida theme of Disney Springs. Local legend has it that if you drink the Disney Springs water you will become a NBA player. The “NBA experience” is a bumping strip club, so this will be unique to Orlando. I’m so glad this is not some steam punk chocolate factory. I cannot wait to be a NBA baller and make it RAIN!

  4. Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky. Whistle. Squeaky, squeaky, squeaky. Whistle. HORN.

    That is all.

    1. No it sounds more like squeak squeak clang bounce bounce squeak squeak squeak squeak… oh wait that’s just the 76ers.

  5. Ugh. I am not against a sports bar at springs. In fact, the property needs another one. What I don’t get is the nba theme. You own ESPN. Why not just do a real ESPN club that is geared to all kinds of sports? Take it up a notch or two from the one at boardwalk and make it an all sports destination restaurant for big sports weekends. If they were going with a third party (for the $$) they should have built a TopGolf which has the best of both worlds… A partner, Food, games, income from golf, sports theme, tvs. Something for dads and conventioneers as well as just families.

    1. … And btw, what is the theme at Springs? To me it is now like every other shopping complex I see sing 75 on the way to Central and South Florida. And most stores are things I can go to up here in Atlanta and Birmingham. Sure some of the restaurants are unique but the shopping is very common and the landscape is very cookie cutter Floridian, in my opinion.

      1. In most places it is, however in the original Downtown Disney areas (The Marketplace where World of Disney and all those are, and to a lesser degree now the West Side area) you can see a lot of the old Disney exclusive stores.

        But that being said, about 50-75% of it is kinda just a dumb shopping mall now. Which is incredibly annoying. If I want to go shopping I’ll just go to one of the millions of other malls. They’re a lot cheaper, have more stores I like, and are air conditioned.

      2. When Disney Springs was first “imagined” and when it began being built, there was supposed to be a story and a theme to the area… however, I completely agree with you, there is no true “theme” anymore. It truly is just a big outdoor, over priced shopping mall.

        1. The West Side is actually themed, supposed to be an area used for a World’s Expo in the 30’s, but then all the buildings were left behind, which has happened with many a World’s Fair. An arena or stadium being built for a World’s Fair or Expo has happened in real life as well, Shea Stadium in Queens was built as part of the 64-65 NY World’s Fair.

    2. The NBA has the largest market share in the world next to soccer. With all the out of country visitors, this place will be full all the time. And oddly enough, Asia has the largest market share with NBA for watched broadcasts .. I think it will do just fine.

  6. This thing looks ugly and awful. When my sister told me about it she was like “Check out the eyesore” and I’d honestly thought she was joking but no it just looks bad.

    It has no place at Disney, already basically failed at Uni, I don’t even know why they want this. I know DisneyQuest was outdated as much as I love it, and you know what, replace it, fine, I know I’m a minority in my love of it, but can you at least put in something good that won’t be announced as closing within five years of its opening.

    1. I hate to break it to you sis, but I was talking about what you were wearing at the time. It was absolutely hideous.

  7. Once you see the Polaroid of me playing NBA basketball in the 80s at the village marketplace the theme will all make sense. Epcot should become a glowing Space Jam basketball with a hip hop soundtrack for its launch to honor baller Walt’s hoops dream

  8. This looks like the villains park that was going to enslave Michael Jordan in Space Jam. Bill Murray cannot save you this time

  9. It should of been a sports experience, not NBA. This is useless to the 90% of people who don’t watch basketball.

  10. I can’t wait and I love NBA experience because I’m a biggest Orlando Magic Fan and I can’t wait to see it I love the concept art of the NBA experience! Great Job Disney!

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