Guests Can No Longer Order Merchandise by Phone or Email from Disney Parks, Will Have to Rely on Shop Disney Parks App & ShopDisney

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For years, Disney Parks Merchandise Guest Services has fulfilled orders from guests by phone or email in many cases where guests could not make their way to the theme parks. While there were some restrictions, guests could often provide SKU numbers for items and place an order with cast members in that department. Well, as of this month, that service is no more.

Guests will now have to rely purely on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app and the ShopDisney website to buy any theme park items directly from the Walt Disney Company. The app and the website do not carry absolutely everything that you can find at the parks, so guests may find themselves relying on the secondary market to get many items moving forward.

Disney has yet to publicly state anything about the discontinuation of the service, but any guests who call or email to place orders are being given the news.

Thanks to the WDWNT reader who sent this information our way for this story.


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What a shame!. This is just another way for Disney to be Lazy and lay off workers. You can get some of the things you want but may have to go through secondary markets ? EBay sellers will make a fortune. ( more so than they are now ) I wouldn’t doubt if people become Disenchanted with this service if Disney doesn’t have the items They want. A real shame. Ever since Roy Disney died the Disney company has become just that a soulless company. I was a real Disney fan , but not so much anymore . they have… Read more »


This really upsets me. I’ve been using this service for years! Often times, the items are sold out on the app but I can call and place an order. Ugh, why is Disney taking every good thing away?? (I miss the Disney Vacation Account as well :/)