PHOTOS, VIDEO, REVIEW: The Hall of Presidents Returns, Now Featuring Donald Trump

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The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom reopened today after a lengthy refurbishment. This refurbishment adds in Donald Trump as the current president who delivers a speaking role, but also a redeveloped story and script as well as an upgraded lighting, projection, and sound package. Entering the rotunda yields new exhibits explaining Walt Disney’s vision for a presidents show and his passion for Abraham Lincoln, as well as a cabinet with original busts used for the development of the attraction. These new exhibits are a fantastic addition, one that will please fans of the parks and Walt’s legacy.

Entering the theater you witness the first major change: there are spikes along the stage. We imagine these are to prevent people from trying to get on the stage, very forward thinking.

The projection system was upgraded as well as the sound, making for a fully engulfing video that literally stretches across the entire theater. Similar to before, we follow the presidency from the early days through major shakeups in the world and government.

Abraham Lincoln still stands and speaks, however this animatronic appears refurbished and very fluid. While Lincoln’s voice has changed, his Gettysburg Address remains the same.

The new montage includes a scene with Barack Obama, which leads into the screens rising and revealing all 45 American presidents. The Obama figure has been moved to stand next to Clinton, behind Bush.

The Donald Trump animatronic takes center stage after the other presidents are introduced, similar to the past incarnations of the attraction. He delivers the passage for being sworn into office and then presents a very neutral speech about the legacy of the American Dream and the presidency.

Overall, the attraction continues the positive message of the American Dream while not taking any political sides. This is how we anticipated the attraction to come back, and it’s refreshing to see the final product be just as inspiring as past incarnations. Regardless of your political standing, the show up to the presidents reveal is simply an amazing awe-inspiring presentation. The show reminds us that we’re American, regardless of our struggles.

“Actually, if you could see close in my eyes, the American flag is waving in both of them and up my spine is growing this red, white and blue stripe.”
-Walt Disney

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