PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 1/25/17 (Galaxy’s Edge, Rock the Dots, Toy Story, New Merchandise, ETC.)

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Our latest photo report brings us to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where… I don’t even know what’s here anymore, let’s find out.

Welcome to What’s Left of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The new entrance to Hollywood Studios is coming along nicely and should be in use any day now.

The tiny temporary booth awaits its first guests.

A large crane works on the new entrance from World Drive, as well as a new overpass.

Note the hidden Mickeys on the steel behind the crane…

Rock the Dots buttons were being given out at the park on Sunday.

Dead End Drive

Before you waste your time going down to Toy Story Midway Mania, they’ve put a wait time sign down by Walt Disney Presents. With the track closures happening, the wait times are getting really bad.

Trees have been planted on the berm at the end of PIXAR Place, so forget about seeing any Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction from here. This area will no longer be reachable for guests come May anyhow.

Rock the PR Stunt

As Mickey’s Birthday is becoming an annual event, Minnie Mouse is now getting relegated to her own holiday since she can’t share Mickey’s. Rock the Dots felt like a bigger deal this year since Minnie was getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but the non-event at Hollywood Studios (along with the entire weekend) was just a push to sell more polka-dot merchandise by the company as a whole.

I don’t even want to think amount the amount of money spent by Disney to stage the live stream and this whole production, money that doesn’t get relegated to more important things that will likely make them more money and leave guests happier for more than 5 minutes. But what do I know? I didn’t go to school for PR.

Mickey and Minnie arrived, got in a car and drove away to Hollywood. That was the event.

Were we supposed to believe that guests made circular signs at home to support Minnie and brought them into the park? At least guests would have picked a nicer font…

This and That

Repacked treats are now being sold in the new “4 park/2 park” packaging. We featured this new merchandise line in a post yesterday.

A new towel featuring the art style.

Since Sweet Spells is rumored to be closing, we decided to stop by and get something we’ve never had before, a Mickey Mouse Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup.

Upon exiting, we noticed one of the windows to the shop was missing. Has work begun, or did a guest just break a window?

If you’ve never had one of these and like peanut butter, I highly recommend this. I was surprised just how good it was.

After months of bashing Grand Avenue, we actually found a cool detail: the sheet music in the windows at the Harmony Music shop.

Among the music hanging in the window, we found the Star Wars opening crawl music and the Raiders March from Indiana Jones!

The exit of the Great Movie Ride is all boarded up to accommodate work on Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway. Guests will exit back through a movie screen and out these doors when the attraction opens in 2019.

A new “4 parks” toothpick holder/shot glass set for sale, $27.99 for the set.

The espresso cup set is also available in more locations now.




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Melanie B.
Melanie B.

I didn’t know about the re-routing of the Midway Mania ride. Thanks for the inside scoop!


I didn’t know Sweet Spells is closing? Is it permanent or just for a remodel? That would stink if its for good, they already got rid of Starring Rolls!