AT D23 EXPO 2017, DISNEY PARKS CHAIRMAN BOB CHAPEK ANNOUNCES E-TICKET GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ATTRACTION COMING TO EPCOT -- Looking ahead to the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, Disney Parks Chairman Bob Chapek announced exciting plans across Epcot to realize the original vision of the park while making it more timeless and relevant than ever before, including a brand-new E-ticket attraction based on the rockinÕ and action-packed world of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy at Epcot Will Be One of the Longest Indoor Roller Coasters Ever

Minutes ago at D23 Expo Japan, Disney shared more details on Epcot’s highly-anticipated “Guardians of the Galaxy” attraction, announcing it was a roller coaster (as if we already didn’t know that).

With the “Guardians of the Galaxy”-inspired coaster, Disney says they’re going big. This one-of-a-kind family attraction will be one of the world’s longest enclosed roller coasters when it’s added to Future World at Epcot. It’ll feature a unique story currently being created by Walt Disney Imagineering and include a new innovative ride system that Disney says is guaranteed to “wow” guests.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy”-inspired coaster is part of the ongoing work to transform Epcot into a place that’s more family, more relevant, more timeless and more Disney. “As we build upon its core mission of optimism and hope to inspire the world, the real will become fantastic and the fantastic will become real—in whole new ways at Epcot,” Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, said.

The attraction will open in time for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort in 2021.

For a load of details about the ride that Disney hasn’t shared yet (including the lack of inversions), be sure to check out our report from late-last year.

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  1. Way overdue for attrition updates at Epcot, and the cleanliness and safety of the Disney parks is slipping. They need more than a 1 track rollercoaster to bring that place out of the “We’re only here to get drunk at our year long festivals” abyss. Way more. Perhaps the theme park with the most potential, but has been completely a forgotten wasteland aside from an overlay in Maelstrom and a new movie in Soarin’ for over a decade. Sad.

    1. Seriously, what is wrong with you? Do you get your fulfillment in life from going onto blogs dedicated to fans of a specific interest just so that you can complain, whine, and bitch? Does it make you feel like a cool kid that you can show off how special and entitled you are by fussing? It’s really pathetic.

      First of all, I will take a leap and assume that you mean “attraction” and not “attrition”. Though, perhaps, you believed that you were using attrition when you began your ramble. Second, my family goes to Disney very frequently and we have never seen anything but impeccable cleanliness and have never felt anything but safe. You are searching for something to complain about and can’t even do it effectively.

      Your drama of calling EPCOT an “abyss” and a “forgotten wasteland” is beyond asinine. If you are a part of a group who are only there to get drunk, perhaps that is something for personal reflection and adjustment rather than projecting it onto a park that has a tremendous amount to do, learn, and enjoy for all ages of any family. Could there be more? Absolutely. There always could be. But if there wasn’t, there would be no room for growth or the progress that was so meaningful to Disney.

      Some people just feel like they are far more important than they really are and have absolutely no sense of appreciation. You think that everything should be glittering perfection and want brand new things all the time but never, ever want to see any form of transition or construction. Everything should just happen automatically without it ever interrupting a single moment of your precious existence. Are you really so conceited that you walk through a gorgeous park that will soon be nothing short of spectacular and feel that you are so valuable and delicate in your proclivities that you see it as a wasteland? You really only see the overlay and a new movie? You are not only insufferably full of yourself and a bully, but you are also beyond belief disconnected and not paying attention.

      Learn to exist in the moment. Enjoy what is around you. There are more breathtaking and thrilling details and experiences in that park than you could take in in days of actually looking. And if you are just too consumed with your need to spread hatred and be the truly “sad” element of the experience of Disney — don’t go. I know it’s a revolutionary concept, but you aren’t actually required to go to EPCOT. Or to Hollywood Studios. Or to any of the resort for that matter. Stay home and pat yourself on the back for how enlightened and discerning you are. My family will enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere for our next trip and thank you for it.

      1. Calm down weirdo. Epcot seems to be more known for “Drinking around the World” and its festivals, than its rides. Epcot is our favorite park but it could use some updating and additional attractions. You can pretend it’s perfect if you want, but no need to freak out because somebody else doesn’t have the same opinion.

        1. Very true. If Epcot didn’t have the festivals around the world, which this last year attendance for was terrible, they would have NOTHING to offer. And truthfully, Disney Springs is a heck of a lot nicer than Epcot, as it’s not run by Disney, but 3rd party people making restaurants and spots which just have to meet the Disney minimum standard (read..used to be high, now is very very very very low). These 3rd party spots are far exceeding it. And want a good experience. Epcot needs much more than one rollercoaster per 20 years to make it. It’s been forgotten. Just used to milk drunks money from them.

      2. Disney Guest Relations of college intern response. Anyone who thinks Disney has all but closed WDW for lack of caring about the property is on something illegal. Epcot has been a neglected mess. Only a few horrible Disney managers left who are given a bonus if they send people home. And a few executives like Chapek who see it as an opportunity to milk the sheep that go there for anything more than spending $8 for a dixie cup filled a tenth of the way up with wine. Epcot is overdue for a major overhaul, meaning, close it, add 5-10 attractions, and reopen, with full staff. Not half the thing closed, one entry touch point cue and 1/4 open restaurants all the time to falsely create demand.

      3. I agree with you. These people who think Epcot is nothing but a place to get drunk apparently have no comprehension of nostalgia and enjoying things as they are. They’ll always want “bigger and better” and eventually they’ll be disappointed when they reach that apex where there’s nowhere else to go. Epcot is amazing, drenched in 80’s nostalgia, and truly unique compared to any other theme park in the world. With GOTG, Ratatouille, and Frozen I’m afraid we’re on a one way trip to Islands of Adventure status.

  2. I’m really disappointed now, I thought this was a new bar and dance club for Epcot. The Frozen ice bar sucked the waitress just wanted to take pictures and not serve drinks

  3. I liked both versions of Universe of Energy and I think the Gaurdians characters are trash, but this is gonna be an awesome ride. Hopefully Epcot won’t have that E-ticket fast pass tier system anymore after this and Paris are complete.

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