Pricing, Benefits List Revealed for Club 33 at Walt Disney World, First Location Expected to Open Soon

Club 33 is coming to Walt Disney World, and fast according to internal rumblings. It seems that the location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (in the former Catwalk Bar) will open to the very first members of the Florida-based club in the next few days.

Touchpoint at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios location featuring the Club 33 logo

With Club 33 now established and selling memberships, we have a better understanding of the pricing and benefits. Here’s what we know:

  • The initial price to join is $33,000. The annual membership fee is $15,000.
  • The membership includes:
    • Access to all 4 Walt Disney World Club 33 locations
    • Premier Passport for the member, spouse, and any children under age 26
    • 50, 1-day park hopper tickets a year
    • 5 day-long VIP guided tours
    • Access to a private concierge service
    • A limited number of instant FastPass+ reservations

The rush to open the Hollywood Studios location is likely tied to the upcoming end of the fiscal quarter for the company. The division likely needed to begin selling memberships even though the 4 lounge locations are behind schedule (or in the case of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, not even decided upon). The Epcot Club 33 location in The American Adventure is expected to open before the end of the Spring, while the Magic Kingdom lounge in Adventureland will open in the Fall of 2018. All 4 locations will be lounges offering drinks and small bites only (unless something changes before they begin work on the eventual Animal Kingdom establishment).

Disney has yet to publicly announce anything about the Walt Disney World Club 33, other than its existence of course. The earliest members of the new club are supposedly all residents of Golden Oak, Disney World’s private living community.

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  1. Tom, Medical and legal firms in Orlando are being offered memberships at this time. The details are identical to what you have above, but they’re stating more exclusive dining to be coming as well as a tables in wonderland type discount at other dining.

    I’m skeptical many will take this. The Elite don’t really do Disney World. Too many other options, Isleworth, Bay Hill, etc. When you think Disney, one things masses of crowds and cost cutting, not ‘exclusivity’. Unless they offer a total separation from the masses, this seems to be a very small group, and one who really need something unique in a long lined theme park to feel special.

  2. Just more evidence that Walt Disney World is turning into a resort for only the wealthy. I guess they want to keep the riff raff middle class folks out. I wonder if Club 33 members will still need to pay to park at the resort hotels?

  3. So….you pay that much initially AND that much per year and you only get 50 1-day passes?!?! Why the heck would they not give these people automatic super unlimited annual passes?! Seems like a rip off for the amount.

    1. They get a premier passport for them and theirs family. To 50 tickets are for when friends or family come and want to get them in for a day or two.

  4. $15k is a lot of money. BUT:
    Premier Passport for the member, spouse, and any children under age 26 = $1579 each, so a min value of $3150
    50, 1-day park hopper tickets a year = at $174, approx value $8700
    5 day-long VIP guided tours = approx $300/hr, assuming 8hr day = $2400 per day, or $12,000 value

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