REVIEW: Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party at the Magic Kingdom – Is It Worth It?

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This past weekend, we tried something that we haven’t before: The Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party. This event is available every night that Happily Ever After is performed. There are two categories for the event: Terrace Viewing ($79/adult, $47/child) and Garden Viewing ($59/adult, $35/child). These prices already include tax and gratuity. We elected for the Garden Viewing after being told by numerous people that the garden was an awesome place to see the show. Check-in was a very easy process. Our reservation stated to arrive at 6:45PM for the 7:55PM show, giving us just over an hour for desserts. We were given wristbands to allow us access between the gardens and the terrace area and a Cast Member showed us to our reserved table.

The dessert lineup was varied and rather large. Everything from hand-scooped ice cream, ‘decorate your own cookie’, cheese, fresh fruit, tarts, and dark chocolate dipped strawberries. Drinks included (non-alcoholic) sparkling cider, bottled water, coffee, hot cocoa, strawberry lemonade, and the famous Passionfruit Orange Guava (POG) Juice. Being setup as a buffet we were allowed unlimited trips to the lineup, which was good because many of the desserts are just a few bites.

Hand-scooped ice cream. This Cast Member was hard at work all evening making sure everyone got a scoop. Fudge and whipped cream were available along with cherries, sprinkles, and white chocolate shavings.

Those piping bags down the end were there to assist with designing your own cookie, brownie, or rice crispy treat. A nice touch.

These are the same macarons available at Gaston’s Tavern. We reviewed them positively back in 2017. Nothing has changed, they’re still a really good macaron, and even better when you’re not paying $2 per piece. Load up a plate, we did.

That’s a pineapple flavored whipped dairy product on top, unexpected to say the least. It’s pineapple, upon pineapple, upon pineapple.

The villains brownies were fun, albeit poorly printed.

The strawberries are dipped in dark chocolate and were quite good. Probably the best bang for your buck on the dessert spread.

Passionfruit, Orange, Guave Juice (POG) is the same you’ll find at Animal Kingdom and Fort Wilderness and Polynesian and virtually every resort, with a different name at each location. Basic lemonade, strawberry lemonade, unsweetened tea, milk, and bottles of water rounded out the cold beverage stand.

Hot beverages included hot cocoa, teas, coffee and decaf.

A Cast Member handed us each a flute of the sparkling apple cider when we walked in. There was plenty more available.

While nothing particularly stood out as being an item that ‘we’re obsessed with’ or ‘don’t miss’, we felt the entire spread was diverse enough for even the pickiest eaters. One very pleasant surprise was the attention put into making sure dietary restrictions and allergies were adhered to. One person in our party is vegan and after a quick chat with a supervisor he presented us with a large plate of vegan-friendly options. Granted there are allergy options on the buffet line, but the effort put into ensuring food safety was wonderful.

With fireworks beginning at 7:55, we wandered down around 7:40 to ensure there was a spot to lounge in. The dessert party has the Plaza Gardens East area reserved, you may know it as ‘The Hub Grass’. There were plenty of people inside of the gardens, but nowhere near the point where we couldn’t move. Main Street was a very different picture. Fireworks began and without anyone moving around we were able to stay sitting on the ground the entire time with an excellent view. Happily Ever After is an amazing fireworks show and we absolutely recommend seeing it at least once (if not more) during your vacation. Once fireworks ended we waited about 10 minutes and were able to avoid all of the crowding around Main Street.

Our reserved area for the fireworks viewing right before showtime. Still plenty of space to walk and find a spot.

Main Street filled-up with 15 minutes before fireworks. Here was our view:


Was it worth it?

We feel our money spent was validated. Sure, $59/adult seems expensive, but let’s put the cards on the table. Fireworks shows in the world’s busiest theme park are always going to be popular and crowded. Getting a decent spot for Happily Ever After requires at *least* an hour investment before the show even begins (on most nights). With the dessert party, we strolled up just minutes before and had an amazing spot. We didn’t have to deal with the crowds around us during the show and exiting the kingdom. It was a stress-free experience, a rare commodity at The Magic Kingdom. The desserts were good and having multiple beverage options was great. The Cast Members even offered us to go cups to take drinks down to the gardens. We walked into the dessert party wondering how we were going to fill ourselves with $59 worth of sugary snacks, but at the end of the evening feel the overall experience of being able to view one of the best fireworks shows in the United States without worrying about crowd issues was alone worth the money.


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  • This is worth the money and the food is great. I did it back in October. Not sure I’d pay for a larger group but for just me it was doable.

  • Thanks for this! I’m going down to WDW sometime this year and it will be the first time I’ll see Happily Ever After in person, so I’ve been considering the dessert party. I did the Carthay Circle/World of Color dinner package out at Disneyland and it was really convenient… but it was $70 for a full three course meal. This is just dessert, so the price seems steep. Seems like a fun thing to splurge on though!

    • We’ve done this a few times and agree with review that it is worth it. But that’s something everyone had to judge for themselves. It is true that $59 is a lot to pay for desserts. But I look at it that I’m paying for a comfortable, non-crowded, perfectly centered viewing spot for HEA that I don’t have to stake out and protect for over an hour in advance, with some desserts thrown in. As mentioned, the crowds on Main Street and in the Hub for HEA can be just overwhelming and almost scary at times. From that perspective, it’s worth it to us to avoid that stress.

  • Thanks for that review. Been debating on this for awhile. That view alone would be worth every penny. Definitely doing this on our next trip.

  • I did this in December. Very well worth the money for the convenience of the spot alone. Can easily see all the projections and fireworks.

  • We did this back in October but stayed in Tomorrowland Terrace for the fireworks. I thought it was well worth the money and being able to sit and enjoy the fireworks was an added bonus. Near the end of the fireworks cast members passed out bags of Ghirardelli Chocolates to everyone.

  • My wife and I spent out honeymoon at Disney World last November and we tried all 3 Dessert Parties: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Here is our thoughts on each

    1) Hollywood Studios: By far, the best out of all three. The desert offerings were just fantastic. The quality and huge selection was unbelievable. Everything, and I mean, everything tasted great. The only draw back was that it was so crowed, had a hard time getting around all the tables. After the party, led to the area where we could watch the show…. very up front. Awesome…. oh.. and LOTS of alcohol. Will do this again

    2) Epcot: The selection of desserts here were limited. Not a lot to choose from…. but….. Oh My God….. these people sure did put a lot of imagination into the deserts. Carmel popcorn frozen in liquid nitrogen? who thinks of that?. And for the show, you stay seated at your table. There is NO bad view from this area….. oh… and LOTS of alcohol. Will do this again.

    3) Magic Kingdom: Well… what can I say…. both my wife and I were very disappointed. There was nothing being offered that you couldn’t buy at your local Walmart. Example: try an Oreo cookie with frosting on top…. really? this is the best you can do? the only saving grace was the viewing from the Garden. No fighting for position and if your lucky, you can sit down to watch the show. We are up in the air about doing this again.

    Anyway, just our opion…. hope it helps

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