CONFIRMED: Magic Kingdom Broadway-Style Theater Delayed or Cancelled

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We previously told you that the Broadway-style theater that was going to be built in Magic Kingdom was likely delayed or cancelled altogether. Today we have the first official confirmation from Disney regarding the project: The mention of the theater has been removed from the What’s New webpage. The What’s New webpage was added to the official Walt Disney World website shortly after 2017’s D23 Parks & Resorts panel when Bob Chapek announced several projects currently being worked on for Disney Parks across the globe. This page, of course, focused on just the Walt Disney World aspects including the Tron roller coaster, Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, and new Main Street theater.

This is how the page appeared up until this past weekend:

What’s New Webpage With the Broadway-Style Theater as of April 8th, 2018


As of now, the webpage has removed the mention of the theater:

What’s New Webpage Without the Broadway-Style Theater as of April 10th, 2018


Information for the theater still resides on the 2017 press packet as well as the Disney Parks Blog. We don’t expect Disney to make a big pronouncement that the project is cancelled, so this may be one of the only confirmations we will see.