Crossroads Shopping Center by Disney World to Close, Tenants Told 18 Months To Vacate

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We first told you about saying goodbye to Crossroads Shopping Center back in 2016, and now we have a firm date on the closing of the favorite shopping center, the closest to Walt Disney World property.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, the Florida Department of Transportation has offered $146 million to buy the 150,000 sq. ft. retail complex. The appraisal values the land at $45 million, and the buildings at $101 million.

Overview of Crossroads shopping center Credit: Orlando Attractions Magazine

The 37-acre property is located at the intersection of I-4 and SR 535, and is directly across from Hotel Plaza Blvd., which connects to Disney Springs. The land is required as part of the “I-4 Beyond the Ultimate” project, and will be used for a new exit ramp, intersection improvements, and retention ponds. You can see from the drawing below that all of the property will be affected. The Radisson and Waffle House, which are not part of the Crossroads plot, but are wedged into the triangular plot surrounded by I-4, SR 535, and Crossroads, seem to be spared at this time, but surely will be negatively impacted by the construction.

The shopping center is probably most well-known for its Goodings Supermarket, which was the premier supermarket for WDW patrons to visit due to its proximity to Disney property. This Goodings was built in 1998, and was a great store to pick up various groceries on your way to your Disney hotel. However, in 2000, Gooding’s sold off most of their stores to Winn-Dixie, and this particular Gooding’s, the last of the chain, “evolved into ‘Tourist Mart’ – essentially a somewhat dumpy, overpriced store selling souvenirs and basic groceries, yet still maintaining a small full service bakery and deli.” Another famous tenant was the now-closed Jungle Jim’s.

It appears that the tenants have all received notice of the pending sale, and have been told that they have 18 months to vacate the property. It is likely that many will close outright, but some may look for new locations in the upcoming O-Town development just down Palm Parkway from Crossroads, or at Flamingo Crossings on the other side of Disney property.

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  • Now only if there was a massive construction project with hotels and retail and dining going in somewhere like Flamingo Crossings where all these businesses could go…..

    • Won’t be the same for years to come. Unless we know the green light will come to casinos and Pleasure Island also goes by Flamingo Crossings. But the traffic there is for the outlets and the fact it’s walking distance from Hotel Plaza Blvd and serves as the main entrance to Disney Springs. Sad many of these are local owners also.

  • What a waste of taxpayer money! Disney built all the Disney Springs Parking garages on the dime of taxpayers and now they are getting the state of Florida to take out what little competition they had with more taxpayer money wasted. Its crazy that they cannot even give their employees a living wage with all the tax money they steal

    • You do realize Disney had nothing to do with that it was an eminent domain seizure for the I4 project……..

      • Nope, because people have to get angry out the mouse even when it has nothing to do with him.

        • Alinging a highway exit to dump people into Disney Springs and closing less expensive local businesses that pull people away from Disney Springs has nothing to do Disney which is the largest lobbest in the state of Florida. Sea World must be behind this

  • I’m genuinely sad about this. Not that my family goes to much there but that Sweet Tomatoes location is the best we have. Hope at least they find a new location to go to soon that’s not too far from us. ;w;

  • I hope CDOT is able to do something about the traffic on 535. I have lived in the area for 4 years and it keeps getting worse.

    • @Dimitri
      Pay no attention to the keyboard warrior. Unless he is a Seminole Indian he was new here at some point as well.
      The traffic is very bad – and perhaps this will improve the situation but only after enduring the construction period, which usually makes the situation worse for a time.

      • Yes, agreed. Hopefully this improves some of the congestion in the Disney Springs portion of I-4

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