Multiple Meet & Greet Cuts Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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We’ve got some updates regarding Meet & Greets at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Want to meet with Baloo and King Louie from The Jungle Book? You can find them at Upcountry Landing in Asia until April 14th which is the last day you’ll be able to meet them.

Additionally, Flik from A Bug’s Life will be ending his meet and greet on April 22nd. If you’d like to find him before that date, make your way over to the Discovery Trails West near the Tree of Life.

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  • That really stinks! Why are they getting rid of all the variety of characters around the parks?! There’s literally hundreds of Disney characters and they only use a handful of them for meet and greets in the parks. Is it really that expensive to keep these characters around??

    • Likely because they are adding Launchpad, Scrooge and Daisy. Like they can’t afford all of them. But they seem to cut one in order to add another. Notice how the Banjo Brothers and Bob left Frontierland as Muppets was being added?

      • It seems like Disney is not putting there money where they should be. They keep cutting back on cast members which causes long lines at cash registers especially quick service places!

    • It seems like they are trying to make budget cuts wherever they can. These characters aren’t super popular, so I guess Disney thinks they can save money by not having to pay the performers and character attendants.

      • They are not putting money where they should be. They cause crowds a lot of the time by only having one cash register open and for check-ins. They have the money for more cast members!

      • Yeah, but having these rarer characters would introduce kids to these movies – I remember as a kid not knowing the characters from Robin Hood, but after meeting them in Disney, I couldn’t wait to see the movie and discover who those guys were. Idk, it just seems more exciting to seek out the lesser knowns.

  • Wish Doc McStuffins’ unnecessary location at Planet Watch would be cut, instead of Flik(because Flik fits very, very well at DAK, and that A Bug’s Life is hardly even noticed by Pixar fans nowadays, consider it as an underrated movie). Doc can not be meeting at more than one park, and her spot(Toy Hospital) at RPW doesn’t fit well with the area, as in the show she fixes toys, NOT actual animals. Thank god, it’s ending in 2019(it’s not a joke, it’s actually ending after the 5th season in 2019, according to Lara Jill Miller, the voice of Lambie)

  • Ok, one my favs, Baloo, is going away :-( I love his bear hugs. I have read and reread but I can’t find who might be taking my Dear Baloo’s place. I am truly doing my best to reserve my opinion until I hear about the replacements. If there are none, then I hope the decision makers have to handle some prickly paw paws with just their bare hands! Momm G is gonna miss you Baloo! I would have seen you in about 91 days.

  • Please Don’t get Rid of Flik, King Louie, and Baloo. We still need them so please. Do not replace them! Flik is our hero. Animal Kingdom will be a disaster without him! Please Don’t get rid of them!

  • We are heartbroken to read this, as we are doing a jungle book dapper for dapper day on the 28th. Would have been a great photo, but c’est la vie.

  • My son was so excited to meet baloo and king louie after i found out they were in Animal Kingdom! He loves the jungle book and one of his favorite songs is bare necessities. They are such iconic old Disney characters, i would rather have them around than short lived ducktales. We are going in October my son is upset now about this… he will miss them

    • Tell your son I’m sad 🙁 right along with him. I’m a big kid at heart since I am 61, but I can still remember having my sister taking me to the movies to see the original! What a treat! 🐒🍌🐵

    • If it’s any consolation, there may be still a way to see them. When we visited the Magic Kingdom yesterday, the two of the characters were a part of the Move It, Shake It, Dance and Play It parade. The floats make their way to in front of the castle, the characters get off and invite people to come dance along with them in the street. If the parade is still around in October, that might be a lot of fun for your son.

      • Scott, this is fantastic news! My 24yr old autistic son is going to be so happy when we go down in July. Thank you so much for sharing this news!

      • Thank you for this news! My 24yr old autistic son will be so excited when we arrive in 62 days.

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