PHOTO UPDATE: Disney California Adventure 04/18/18 (Pixar Pier Construction, Pixar Fest, Etc.)

Disney California Adventure continues its Pixar transformation with Pixar Pier and the festivities of Pixar Fest. Lets jump in and take a look!

In the esplanade, the music has been changed to mainly Pixar Movie Scores, soundtracks.

Right before Pixar Fest, these banners were hung. Let’s take a look at them!

The first store you come to when entering DCA is Five & Dime! They have all sorts of Pixar merch!

They also have cute new Minnie ears which we’ve reported on WDWNT.

Even banners have bad days.

Americana merchandise can be found across the street from Five & Dime and throughout the park!

New Pixar AP shirts are available for purchase!

How adorable are these?! You can find these little guys across the street from Five & Dime!

For the first week of Pixar Fest, crowds weren’t very heavy?

The four main poster wall posters have been switched out for upcoming films! I can’t wait to see The Incredicars!


There’s no water nor fountain in this pond?

I see with my little eye… no water.

Cone 5 is where you can find the Champions Corn Cup in honor of Pixar Fest!

Both Garden Grill and Pizza & Pasta’s menus have been changed for Pixar Fest.

In the Pixar Pals pavilion, you can see all movie posters from past Pixar Movies, what is your favorite Pixar movie?


Among the posters, there’s also a Coco photo-op!

You can also meet your favorite Pixar Pals in action!

Garden Grill has completely changed their menus for this event, everything looks so good!

What Disney event isn’t complete without an AP corner?!

AP photo-op background is very colorful!

Among the things available for you to do if you’re an AP holder, you have the chance to share your friendship with someone else!

Is Disney trying something new to entice the public with charging their phones?

At the Corn Dog Castle, you have the chance to try the Spicy Corn Dog for Pixar Fest!

From a side view, you can definitely see the change in the fun wheel.

The Incredicoaster is set to be more “indoors”. It’ll have more tunnels for most of the ride for the projections.

Goodbye Paradise Pier sign :(

The Cove Bar has been open for a couple of weeks now, but is set to close soon again!

Knick’s Knacks is a brand new store that just opened in honor of Pixar Fest!

This is the place to get Art on Demand, you can choose from hundreds of paintings and drawings!

Knick’s Knacks is the place to go for all things Pixar!

The old Paradise Pier Ice Cream Co. will be reopening as The Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats! And guess what they’ll be serving..? That’s right! Lemon snow cones!

The room on the bridge is being used as stroller parking.

All four Paradise Pier photo posters have been removed.

Inside the Sunset Theatre, you have the limited opportunity to see three Pixar Shorts!

I highly recommend spending time and watching these shorts, they are so beautiful and hey! It’s an air conditioned room to keep you cool in this hot California weather!

I’m sure after a couple of weeks of showing three shorts, they’ll switch out the shorts for different ones!

While you wait to see the shorts, you can look at all the modeling and work that went into these shorts.

Since Food and Wine is over, Performing Arts is back up and running on the main stage!

Inside this store located on Sunset Blvd., we can spot some more Fourth of July merchandise!

Paint the Night was originally in Disneyland but due to Pixar Fest, the parade has moved to DCA! Let take a look at some of the floats!

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