REVIEW: Rice Bowls from Leaning Palms at Typhoon Lagoon

We talked about Typhoon Lagoon’s awesome Sand Pail dessert recently, so let’s discuss their quick service offerings. There’s not enough discussion about the Disney water parks, and we feel there should be. The parks are exquisitely themed, fun yet relaxing, and have some great food and beverage options. During our last visit, we dined at Leaning Palms and checked out two of their rice bowl varieties.





Beef Short-Rib Rice Bowl – Slow braised Beef Short-Rib with Steam White Rice, Corn, Blac Bean, Sweet Plantain, and Pico de Gallo – $10.49

These bowls are HUGE. Pictures don’t do justice to the massive bowl and portion of food. The plantains are cooked perfectly, leaving them nice and tender. There’s a huge portion of rice, corn, and black beans below the scoop of beef. We felt the beef, while good, wasn’t as amazing as the adobo chicken.


Adobo Chicken Rice Bowl – Adobo Seasoned Chicken with Steamed White Rice, Corn, Black Bean, Sweet Plantain, and Pico de Gallo – $9.99

The Adobo chicken was a show-stopper. Marinated in Adobo sauce overnight to make the chicken ultra-tender, it is then served over the same bowl ingredients as the beef, bringing along a decent portion of the Adobo sauce. It’s a little salty with a great paprika spice on the tongue. If you find yourself at Typhoon Lagoon, we recommend checking out these rice bowls. There’s a vegetarian option as well that includes a vegetarian sausage if you’re not in the market for meat.

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Melanie B.
Melanie B.
2 years ago

Nice to see a veggie sausage bowl option too– you really work up an appetite climbing stairs all day at Typhoon Lagoon,and even vegetarians want something more substantial than a salad. Would certainly try it!

Voltando bay
2 years ago

I’m bettter