President Iger? How The Disney-Fox Deal Stalled CEO Bob Iger’s Plans to Run for President of the United States

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Disney CEO Bob Iger opened up recently and stated that the announcement of the Disney-Fox acquisition put his plans for running for President of the United States in 2020 on hold. Around the time when the deal was announced, Iger extended his contract to 2021, two years later than the original expiry of his contract.

“The thought I had was coming from the patriot in me, growing up at a time when we respected our politicians not only for what they stood for but because of what they accomplished. I am horrified at the state of politics in America today, and I will throw stones in multiple directions. Dialogue has given way to disdain. I, maybe a bit naively, believed that there was a need for someone in high elected office to be more open-minded and willing to not only govern from the middle but to try to shame everyone else into going to the middle.”

Oprah Winfrey told Vogue that “I really, really pushed him [Iger] to run”, confirming reports that the Disney CEO was looking at the possibilities of a Presidential campaign. “He is infinitely capable of multiple categories of expertise, and he has created an environment where you can disagree with him—and that’s not just because I’m Oprah. I really, really pushed him to run for president, so much so that I said to him, ‘Gee, if you ever decide to run for office, I will go door to door carrying leaflets. I will go sit and have tea with people.’”

Iger, 67, even visited a children’s hospital in Des Moines, Iowa recently, a state that is critical for any potential candidate to visit. While Iger’s plans to run for president are currently on hold, he may pursue them again in the future after telling Vogue in their May issue of his potential policy ideas if he were to run.

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