Start-up Design Aglaé won the elevator pitch in the Tower of Terror in Disneyland Paris, in the Walt Disney Studios Park, May 2018.

Elevator Pitches in Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris Mark Launch of ‘The Castle Hub’, a Platform for Start-Ups

Disneyland Paris just set up The Castle Hub, a platform for French start-up companies. The aim of the platform is to foster collaborations between Disneyland Paris and start-ups marketing innovative solutions. To kick off, eight start-ups were challenged to pitch their ideas in an elevator pitch. The concept of presenting an idea in the time it takes to ride an elevator stayed the same, but this time the elevator happened to be located in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!

Eight start-ups pitched their ideas in the Tower of Terror for The Castle Hub, a platform by Disneyland Paris, in Walt Disney Studios Park.

The first edition of this competition counted eight contestants that hoped to see their idea implemented in the Disneyland Paris Resort. The contestants were filmed during their pitch, going up and down in the Tower, trying to convince a panel of professionals and park leaders. Of course, there is a nice video for you to watch:

Design Aglaé won the first prize with a serum which creates a luminescent plant experience, and Wakatoon took the judges’ choice for their colouring books which turn in to personalized cartoons. Do you think you could stay focused and make a business pitch when jolting up and down the Tower of Terror?