New Walt Disney World Lost & Found Website Launches Today

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As we told you about a few weeks ago, a major update was coming to the Lost & Found process at Walt Disney World. That update has launched today at and directs you to a third-party website run by Chargerback.

Chargerback touts itself as “… the leading provider of lost and found solutions. We are dedicated to providing a robust state of the art technology solution to assist airlines, casinos, resorts, rental car companies, cruise lines, amusement parks and public spaces with providing exceptional customer service in the area of lost and found. Our cloud based solution, which includes a database, guest facing notifications, a PCI compliant payment module and integrated shipping options, are designed to eliminate inefficiencies associated with this cumbersome and frustrating process.

In my opinion, it’s great that Disney has partnered with a third-party company with expertise in this field and a proven technical solution that obviously works well for a large list of organizations. Based on the frequent issues with the My Disney Experience mobile app as well as occasional problems with the Walt Disney World website itself, I am sure that Chargerback’s system would be more reliable than one developed in-house. And when it comes to retrieving your lost wallet, don’t you want the most reliable system you can get?

The system lets you choose from 26 categories of lost items:

  • Blankets, Pillows and Towels
  • Bottles, Cups and Mugs
  • Cases and Containers
  • Cellphone
  • Clothing
  • Drugs and Medical Equipment
  • Duty Free
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Eyewear
  • Footwear
  • Headwear
  • Housewares
  • IDs, Drivers Licenses, Credit Cards and Passports
  • Jewelry
  • Keys, Wallets and Other Personal Accessories
  • Luggage, Travel Equipment
  • Membership Cards and Tickets
  • Money and Gift Cards
  • Musical Instruments
  • Photographs, Documents, Books, etc.
  • Religious Articles
  • Souvenirs
  • Sports Equipment
  • Toiletries and Hair Products
  • Toys and Pets

There is also an option for “Other” but it comes with a pop-up warning: “Unless your item is highly unusual, please choose a specific category. Choosing “Other” will reduce the likelihood of a successful match and recovery.”

While I could imagine someone carrying something around the Magic Kingdom that doesn’t fit one of the above categories (pin bag for example), I’d bet that these are standardized options in the Chargerback system, as there are some that I highly doubt someone would tote around during their vacation (an accordion under the Musical Instruments category, or a blender in the Housewares category).

The system also asks for the location where you lost the item, and your choices are the four theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, ESPN Wide World of Sports, the miniature golf courses, and on a transportation vehicle (bus, monorail, watercraft). The main page advises that if you lost an item at a resort, to contact that resort’s Lobby Concierge for assistance. And if you lost your item on Magical Express, there’s a Mears phone number to call.

Overall, I think this system is a great improvement. It will not only make it easier and more likely that you’ll be reunited with your lost item, but it will also reduce the number of guests in line at City Hall, as those people will no longer need to wait in line to report a lost item.

Have you ever lost an item at Walt Disney World? Did you get it back? What was your experience with the previous process? Let us know in the comments!

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  • My son lost his Minecraft Creeper Plush at AKL Jambo House about two years ago. We were not successful in getting in back :(

  • I lost something this weekend at the Magic Kingdom so I just filled out this new form. I tried to find the lost and found at the Ticket & Transportation Center yesterday, but I couldn’t find it – is it still there?

    • Since I filled out their new form they have sent me a few update emails saying “Your lost item has not yet been located, but we haven’t given up the search! Please be assured that we will notify you immediately if and when it has been found.”

      One time my iPhone flew out of my pocket on Space Mountain. I knew I had lost it in there, and I was able to use the “find my iphone” tracker later to see that the phone was still in Space Mountain, and later it moved to a parking lot just north of Space Mountain, and then it got turned off. When I got the phone the next day at the Central lost and phone, they told me they find a LOT of phones and turn them off so they are not all ringing constantly. I asked what the weirdest thing they had ever had turned in, and they guy thought it was a bowling ball that had been left in Tortuga Tavern. I have wondered what sequence of events led to that bowling ball even getting into Magic Kingdom, let alone lost.

      I honestly believe Disney does their best to return stuff. We have lost credit cards, phones, and stuffed animals and had them all returned through Disney’s lost and found. Of course they can’t return something if someone else finds it and keeps it!

  • A Wallet containing Two Hundred and Forty Eight Dollars was just found at the Diamond Horseshoe Review… Would the RIGHTFUL Owner, Please form a LINE AT THE BAR!

  • I lost a credit card. The last place I’d used it was @ MK. I called Lost & Found, after searching for a # for some time. And, they had it. I was extremely happy. I dreaded having to get a new one.

  • We lost a hat on splash mountain a few years back at Disneyland. Reported it to lost and found. A few weeks later the correct hat actually showed up in our mail free of charge! I was impressed. It sounds like this new system will require you to pay your own shipping, which is totally reasonable, but hopefully it will reduce the City Hall lines!

  • My son’s phone fell out of his pocket on It’s A Small World in MK…. he didn’t want me to get mad, so he didn’t tell me that he had lost it. Several weeks later at home, he called, and they not only were able to retrieve his phone, but sent it back to him with no charge. Truly one of those “magic moments” that made me fall in love with WDW all over again. I can’t see how this system will be better than that.

  • I left my husbands cell phone at the Refreshment Port at Epcot. Once I realized I lost it I texted the number “Where is this phone?” Castmember Gail texted my phone with the location and we had it back within 20 min.:)

  • A few years ago I left my camera charger in our room at Bay Lake Towers on the day we were moving over to the Beach Club villas. I called that afternoon and for the next few days But they said they never found it 😢

  • I left a studio tower with mouse ears on it, they painted over my name then a few years later it was lost for good

  • This online system is a first step in a system to eliminate Guest Relations. This will eventually be all online.

  • I lost my zephyrs baseball cap on coaster last week….they didn’t send it to me :(…..I’m sure employees keep things after certain time has passed and not claimed so very likely no one ever sees these items again :(

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