PHOTOS: Wonders of Life Pavilion Exterior Refurbishment Takes a Darker Turn

Back in January, work began refurbishing the Wonders of Life pavilion. In March the work ramped-up and encompassed the entire building. Now, more work has started to bring the pavilion exterior that faces into the park back to its original glory. Welding is apparent, even from afar, and we can only imagine the entire roof is being sealed properly to prevent future weather issues. Further, a dark gold paint has started to appear.

However, this doesn’t completely look like the finished product as it is still two different tones.

While we don’t know for certain what’s coming (if anything) to the pavilion, Disney has certainly taken the effort to restore the aging roof. One clue points back at a job posting for Walt Disney Imagineering looking for an interior decorator for the Wonders of Life, specifically. Only time will tell what happens to the past Epcot pavilion.


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