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POLL RESULTS: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Merchandise Must-Haves


Jambo everyone and welcome back! For those of you who might have missed it, Disney’s Animal Kingdom just had a big birthday and turned 20! Disney came out with some pretty awesome merchandise for the 20th Anniversary celebration so, of course, I had to talk about my must-haves. If you did not read my countdown yet, you can still read it right here.

I love sharing my Disney thoughts, but my favorite part about my countdowns is always hearing from you! So, now it is time to see how you voted. The readers have spoken and your 20th Anniversary Animal Kingdom Merchandise Must Haves are…


6. Joe Rohde Print and Wooden Magnet

We had some votes by readers that were not on my list. I always get so excited to read your comments and see what you all think. Not everybody who picked “other” commented and told me that your pick was, but I wonder if some of those votes were the Banshee? I had a few people text me and say they could not believe that I did not have the Banshee on my list. I know the Banshee is huge fan favorite, so I figured a lot of you would vote for that.

Those of you who did comment had some great merchandise picks! Carol Cruise said “The print by Joe Rohde was a must for me.” and Minnie commented “I’m a huge magnet fan and I love the burnout tree magnet.” My mother is a huge magnet fan, too. Our refrigerator was covered with magnets growing up and she would continue to buy more everywhere we went. It was always fun to look at the magnets and remember all the cool places we have been, even though 95% of them were Disney, because that’s like the only place we would go. Thanks for commenting and telling me your favorites!




5. Alex and Ani Bracelet

You put Alex and Ani at number 5. I kind of figured the bracelets and purses would be far back on the list. As adorable as they are, there are other merchandise picks that capture the 20th Anniversary celebration better. For those of you who do love your Alex and Ani bracelets, will you buy this one?


4. Dooney and Bourke Purse

Dooney and Bourke made it a little further down on the list than the bracelets, but not by many votes. My friend purchased her crossbody about two weeks ago and is in love with it! She thought it was way better in person.



3. Mugs, Mugs and More Mugs!

The mugs came in at number 3! I am not surprised by your vote because all of the Disney mugs are so cute and creative and I can never stop buying them. I am very interested to know which of the Animal Kingdom mugs were your favorite. I have the ceramic one, which I love, but I really want the travel mug, too. Did anyone else buy the travel mug?



2. Magic Band

animal kingdom 20 magic band

Like I mentioned in my countdown, I thought that this MagicBand’s design was spot on. I absolutely loved everything about it; even the box. I understand these sold out pretty fast. Did anyone out there snatch one up?



  1. PINS!

Pins blew all of the other merchandise out of the water with your votes. It had a significant lead, which is not surprising at all. Disney fans have a huge pin obsession. I do not know what it is about them, but they are just the perfect little collectables to represent all of the things we love about Disney. I would love to know what you all do with your pins. Comment below! Backpacks? Lanyards? Bulletins Boards?


Extra Magic Tip: The Boneyard in Dinoland U.S.A is the perfect place to take the kiddos to blow off some steam. Not only can you dig for bones and play in a huge jungle gym, but there are a ton of fun little secrets to discover.

Happy Birthday, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and thank you for releasing awesome merchandise. I hope that all of you were able to get your must have merchandise. Thanks again for voting!

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3 years ago

I really wanted the MagicBand. We had a trip 4/25-5/3, and got to Animal Kingdom on 4/26. They were completely sold out and told me they had been for a week. Such a bummer – when they came out I was really hoping they’d make those few days past Earth Day, but didn’t even make it to the day itself.