UPDATE: Whispering Canyon Cafe Cast Members Asked To “Turn Down The Volume”

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In an update to the story we broke a few days ago, confirmations continue to come in that the antics at Whispering Canyon Cafe are changing. According a user on Instagram, when she asked about these changes, she was met with this response from WDWToday:


From @rikkinibs on Instagram

Without any sort of details on what Cast Members have been asked to scale back on, this just further confirms what we told you, which is that the shenanigans at Whispering Canyon Cafe will not be the same. Again, rumors have been circulating that is all in part to complaints from guests. Whether the complaints are concerning the antics themselves or the noise levels of the restaurant, we don’t know for sure, but it seems likely that it is probably both.

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  • This is just plain nonsense. Me personally, this would not be my type of dinner to attend. However, for the people that I’m assuming complained, just don’t go! Don’t make that reservation! I have been going to WDW for 30 years and I ALWAYS check to see what the food AND the atmosphere is like at a restaurant before I make a reservation. Do your due diligence people!

    • Exactly, Mike H – tell Rikki – it is not for her and to move along – it is way too much fun….Do you have any Ketchup?

      • I really stopped going there because we enjoyed the straws being thrown on our table as well as the ketchup. It is a experience that is alot of fun as well as the I’m a little teapot ( for those father’s that are not uptight and are there for memories. Isn’t that what Disney is all about MEMORIES, well people get a grip this is something people want to be able to let loose and enjoy their experience. I blame Corporate America ( because Disney just doesn’t seem the same since when we started going back in 1999. We really haven’t gone much and really have a hard time buying season passes again because We don’t know what corporate America will take away next from THE DISNEY EXPERIENCE. Come on Disney finally do something again That Walt Would be proud of.

  • Next these people will be upset when they go to 50’s prime time and don’t get a clean plate sticker

  • Having been there on several occasions I would welcome this change. It can get a bit overbearing and annoying. By the way, bring your own ketchup.

  • Thank heavens! We are staying at Wilderness Lodge in June and I always make the reservations for our party of 9. We have a reservation for Whispering Canyon Café, but my family wasn’t too happy about it because of the antics. This will make them happy. The food is good, but we could get rid of the silliness.

      • What is it with these Disney nerds that need straws rudely thrown on their table for the nth time in order to say they had a good time? “Yeah, it was great! They threw a dozen straws on our table just like the last 14 times we went there and that joke never gets old!” Like it’s some kind of special inside joke that you will get many ketchup bottles if you ask for ketchup. “No really, you have to go to this restaurant because if you ask for ketchup, you will get twenty bottles! I’m not kidding! It’s the best thing ever!” It must have taken all of the comedic brain power of the restaurant staff to come up with that funny ketchup trick. Look out Universal!

        • Maybe because it’s not about throwing straws or 20 bottles of ketchup but about the absurd fun of something that is out of the ordinary.. But I suppose you never saw any of the fun in Alice in Wonderland either just looked for all that deeper meaning. Sometimes light and fluffy is just that and if you have seen it 30 or 40 times you’re bored by it but many are experiencing the fun for the first time. Goodness gracious let them experience it and fine someplace else to go that is more to your likings.

  • It could be that the noise from the antics is too loud for guests not in the restaurant itself, but in the Wilderness Lodge lobby. While I think the antics should stay if for no other reason than to provide for a diversity of offerings, if the antics are affecting “general spaces”, it might be appropriate to tone them down some. Some guests might like to sit in front of the big fireplace in the lobby, relax, and enjoy the ambiance. Excessive noise from the nearby restaurant (which is completely open to the lobby) would be intrusive.

  • There are guest rooms nearby the restaurant so maybe that is where the complaints were coming from. Guests wanting peace and quiet and instead have all of that noise.

  • Common sense says if your booking a room nearby a known spot to have frequent traffic you ask before you book ! If you complain knowing that spot is like that don’t go there!
    Disney has many options and even try to accommodate guests from one room to another . Quit ruining fun spots because your grumpy, being pc isn’t always correct, I always ask about what and where I book so should anyone who does not like this type of atmosphere… ITs Disney after all

  • If the antics inside WC were actually clever, I might say this is a loss.

    But they weren’t.
    They were idiotic & mindless.
    Bravo to this move!

    • Very true, next week they will complain that the fireworks are too bright and noisy and should be toned down. It is a place renown for noise and shenanigans in a Wilderness Resort. If you want serene and quiet stay at the Yacht Club or a resort renown for quiet and elegance. I have sat in front of that fireplace and the noise didn’t bother me because I know there are kids enjoying a frolic on a stick pony or the ketchup pass when that’s not behavior that’s normally allowed during dinner.

  • Well two years ago you went to Artisan point for dinner which counted as to table serve meals apiece and were greeted by bats flying thru the restaurant. I was told that that would be normal because of all the wood in the restaurant and we were horrified not only because nobody likes to be swooped on by bats while they’re eating but also by the fact that we used up for ever table service meals in total. We are not the type of people to feel entitled but we do feel that wdw is entitled to treat people the way they do because of who they are

    • If you’re going to charge people over $100 a day to visit your parks and another hundred dollars to eat, let them have fun. The Whispering Canyon restaurant is about people and fun real clean fun why would you want to take that away from someone? Maybe the people who don’t like the noise of rather go to a new bar that they’ve just allowed at Magic Kingdom and see what it’s really like to have noise on their vacation. Seriously people care lives and your perspective. If you’ve truly forgotten how to be a kid then you don’t belong at Walt Disney World it’s a place for fun for everyone. If you want to have quiet just stay home

  • Nope, it’s their stupid Front Desk Mgr Stacy Springer. She has turned a great resort into a laughing hole.

  • Geez… So many old fuddy-duddies on this page! And this is coming from an old fuddy-duddy! Perhaps a retirement home cafeteria is more your speed?

    • This is what I keep thinking with ever post I read. Disney is for the young at heart stop acting like curmudgeons.

  • It is important to remember some Guests may have sensory issues such as autism etc. This is the case with one of our boys. However, we just didn’t take him to eat at this location knowing it may be too much for him to handle. There should be a variety of options available to guests (like there has been for years) to choose from. We don’t like Character breakfasts so we don’t make reservations at one. We don’t like loud participatory or entertainment during our meals. It doesn’t mean they should have to change those offerings nor do I expect special treatment or perks for our family. As long as they have spaces for us to go take a break for a few minutes that are relatively calm, he’s fine. He likes race cars and doesn’t handle noise well. We will never go to NASCAR and thats life. Imagine someone complaining about the noise at a race track or a music festival or the Super Bowl?

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