BREAKING: Pet Friendly Policy at Select Walt Disney World Resorts Scheduled to End in Late October

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It seems as if the controversial pet policy that allowed guests to bring their furry friends to select Walt Disney World Reports is coming to an end.

Asking Disney directly, they responded by saying:

It is a pilot that is scheduled to end in late October. We have not gotten any updates as to if it will be extended at this time.

Right now, the program is expected to end on October 15th. Disney is stating that as long as you check-in by October 15th, you will be allowed to keep your furry friend with you for the duration of your stay.

Read our article describing the policy as it currently stands.

This is a developing story and the program may still be extended, so stay tuned to WDWNT for any updates on this policy.

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    • Yes John it will end and just for you I hope your neighbors dog lays a big one in your yard.

  • My wife and I are so glad to hear that. She is allergic to dogs, as are other people. And do the dogs ever bark at night and wake people up? It can be hard enough to get a good sleep there without a dog barking. I like dogs, but I felt sorry for people whose favorite resort had dogs in it.

  • Finally, Disney is making a good decision…must have figured out hipsters aren’t the ones paying for the accomdations

    • I dunno brother, I see a heckuva lot more middle-age women carrying Fifi around like their lives depended on it.

  • I understand that people love their pets and enjoy taking them on vacation. BUT I also know people who have allergies and severe fears of dogs. In this case I totally agree that pets should not be allowed. Pets are, ultimately, a choice not a necessity

  • While I like Dogs, I feel for the prices Disney charges that I do not want to be put in a room that has accommodated pets. I always make arrangements for my dog before I travel. You also cannot convince me that these pets are not left in the room all day while their owners are out having fun.Leave you pets at home.

  • This doesn’t seem any different to what they stated when the trial started, i.e. that the TRIAL started on Sunday 15 October 2017 and will be tested for a year. They are simply reiterating that the trial period ends in October, and saying that there has been no decision as yet as to what will happen next. Don’t forget that they originally launched the trial with just two days’ notice on Friday 13 October.

    They could still opt to continue the system as-is, extend it to more resorts, or reduce/cancel it. My gut feeling is that there was such a bad initial knee-jerk backlash on the internet about it (which has proved to be totally unfounded by the way) that they might prefer to avoid the hassle and will end up cancelling it apart from maybe Fort Wilderness, but with Disney who knows?

  • I love dogs. I am a huge animal lover in general. And I have a dog of my own – who would absolutely hate being amidst all the hoopla at Disney World, and sure wouldn’t want to be left in a hotel room for seven hours. I can’t imagine who decided allowing dogs on property was a good idea, but other than the addition of ALCOHOL to all things WDW, this is the worst idea they’ve ever had. I sincerely hope it ends.

  • A trip to Disney is hard enough on children and adults. I am personally glad to see this end. I own a dog, love dogs and cats BUT I don’t want to stay in an expensive resort room after a dog that has quite possibly been locked in that room for 7 hours a day prior to my stay. It’s not fair to the dog, it’s not fair to the guest following the dog. I leave my dog at home, safe, secure and happy. Disney is not the place for your beloved animal.

  • Let it end. WDW had done just fine without dogs for over 40 years. This policy is not good for allergy sufferers and people scared of dogs, and simply opens up the possibility for more conflict between guests as well as lawsuits.

  • We booked port Orleans in February 2017 for our trip in November then found out about the dogs just before we left. BAD policy! Hope it ends.

  • hope WDW will extend pet policy. We have taken advantage of pet policy and since there are so few rooms made available for pets, there is no disruption to other guests. Please continue to make disney a place that we can visit.

  • Pets should be allowed. Most pets are better behaved than most children. My choosing to adopt a pet should not affect you just like you choosing not to use protection should not affect me!

    • The dog-friendly policy hasn’t ended. This is an out-of-date article from before the point when Disney made the decision to continue with the policy after the current trial finishes.

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