REVIEW: Mickey Waffles Now Available ALL DAY at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Roaring Fork is one of the quick service locations at Wilderness Lodge. Having gone under a massive refurbishment just about a year ago, the location is still trying to find its footing. We believe they may have cracked the code with a new Chicken and Waffles dish that features the infamous Mickey Waffles.

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Chicken and Waffles – Starring Mickey-Shaped Waffles with Pecan Butter and Maple Syrup – $10.99

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Mickey waffles for lunch? Dinner? Late-evening snack? Mid-afternoon ‘I don’t want to eat dinner yet but I want to munch on the face of a mouse’? Sure, Roaring Fork has you covered. The chicken and waffles dish comes with three perfectly grilled chicken strips and two fluffy Mickey waffles topped with a brilliant pecan butter. We thought with it being lunchtime it would diminish the quality of Mickey waffles and, boy, were we wrong. They’re perfectly cooked, fluffy interior and a crunch to the outside. The pecan butter adds a great nutty butter flavor, much better than the traditional accompaniments. Grilled chicken tenders are a welcome surprise, and we’re used to everything fried to a golden crisp. These are well-cooked and have a great char. We love Mickey Waffles and love them even more that we don’t need to get out of bed early to enjoy this favorite snack.


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  1. “Infamous” has a rather negative connotation to it, like “notorious.” Are Mickey Waffles typical for being bad?

    Or is it more like they’re infamous in the same way a Turkey Leg is: it’s inescapable and slapped on every piece of merchandise.

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