REVIEW: New Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Rides Into Sleepy Hollow Refreshments at Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow refreshments is a quick service location in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. This location is famous for funnel cakes and waffle sandwiches, we love the spicy chicken one! Recently the menu here has gotten a few changes. Gone are the days of a cookie ice cream sandwich, but say hello to the CHURRO ice cream sandwich.



Let me vent for literally two seconds and then we’ll discuss the magical churro ice cream creation.

First, let’s discuss that this was originally announced at the end of April when the official Disney twitter account @WDWToday spoiled the fun surprise. You can read about our animosity towards their account here. But FINALLY, we have the sandwich. So does it live up to the hype?


Vanilla Ice Cream Churro Sandwich – $6.49


It’s available as a snack credit if you have the Disney Dining Plan, which is a good deal because this thing is gigantic. We think it’s too big where you can’t even eat it like a sandwich, so pick up a fork and knife. The outer churro pieces feel more like cookies than churros. They’re hard and cold like trying to take a churro from the park back to your hotel room. The ice cream is pretty great though, we think that soft serve would have done a better job at making this sandwich more edible like, you know, a sandwich. With that being said, we picked it apart with fork and knife and really enjoyed it, especially once the bottom churro got soaked with ice cream. Sleepy Hollow has been upping their game: recently they put a Mickey Waffle on the menu and now this. It’s a great time to be alive for the Magic Kingdom.


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