BREAKING: Walt Disney World Pet Friendly Hotels Are Becoming a Permanent Offering

Dogs allowed at Disneyland Paris Davy Crockett Ranch July 2018
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Walt Disney World started pet friendly hotels about a year ago. We told you in June that the pilot hotels were coming to an end this October. It appears now that the pet friendly hotel pilot is in fact ending, but that’s only because it’s gojng to become a permanent offering.

Starting in October 2018 the pet friendly Walt Disney World hotel policy will be a permanent offering at the select hotels offering the rooms. As a reminder, these hotels and rates per night are as follows:

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort $50/night
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort $50/night
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort $75/night
  • Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort $50/night

There’s always potential for more resorts to be added, especially now that the offering will be a permanent fixture of the Walt Disney World hotel lineup.

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  • Thanks for the link to the previous article. I quite enjoyed reading all the comments cheering it “failing”.

  • I’ve had more dogs than cats leave “presents” on the carpet and scratch molding. I wonder if they’ll allow cats too one day?

  • I love my pets, and I adore other people’s pets. However, I don’t want to stay in a room with dander and other allergens…especially at Disney rates. I hope the pet rooms are designated as such and can be avoided by those that need to avoid the allergens. (Riverside is one of my favorite resorts.)

    • Quite agree with you. We recently dined at Wilderness Lodge, Artist’s Point. The table next to us was a group of 10 plus a sizable dog. The dog was wearing a Service Dog vest like you can buy online for $100. The dog was beautiful, well groomed and slept under the table. However, there was a dog in a signature restaurant not 8 feet from my food. When the party left, the dog was gentle pulling the owner over to anyone who made eye contact with her. That is certainly not a trained service dog and had no business being inside any food service area. Service dogs are trained and disciplined like a soldier in uniform, that vest means work time. They perform a task for their human companion. A task the human cannot perform for himself. By law, only a bonafide service dog may enter a business. This ignoring of FL law makes a mockery real service dogs. Oh, and after leaving, the owner walked the dog in the grassy area by the pool whereupon the dog defecated/urinated but the owner did not bother to clean it up. I gave my best impression of a dismayed stare hoping she would make an effort. She was unmoved. They then walked to catch the boat.

  • well…that now removes us from staying at any of these onsite resorts. When you have a child that has a severe fear of dogs due to being attacked by one at a young age, this is the last thing he or we need on a holiday. Its NOT a holiday. Last thing I want or need is dogs running around in my face pooping everywhere ( yes some owners pick it up, but not all…)

    I simply do not understand the need for people to bring their pets on a holiday anyway…. how is leaving a pet locked up in a hotel room good for it????? Service dogs/therapy dogs etc are a different kettle of fish all together…..

    So will dogs from AOA run across into Pop etc – am sure this will happen, not all owners are vigilant or care.

    Completely and utterly disappointed on Disney Management and the decision making process here…….complete lack of regard and inclusiveness for all…….ANGRY doesn’t begin to describe my feelings on this decision…….

    • Quite simply ask to stay in a non pet loop not hard. This is a smart move by Disney appealing to pet owners. Pets stay in specified areas or loops not every single room is pet friendly. Some people have no other option but to bring a pet with them. Lack of regard?? It’s being inclusive to pet owners and allowing them to bring their pet. This is a huge market for them!

      • No option? Are you kidding me? Either kennel it, don’t travel or get rid of your pet. There are always options. This is an extremely insensitive response to a human being’s medical issue. These are animals, not humans. Why is it that some always want to put the animal before the human? If you spent as much time cultivating human relationships, you wouldn’t need to rely on the ‘love’ of your pet–pets can’t love–it’s a human emotion although you may be unfamiliar with that concept.

      • There are plenty of options to bringing a dog into a hotel. Best Friends boarding is right there on property across from Port Orleans. Our Doberman stayed there several times. Wonderful, caring staff and lots of space for running, fountains to play with and a doggie pool. And far enough from the parks so the sounds from fireworks do not penetrate the enclosed kennels. No dog need be afraid. There is no excuse to being a dog to a hotel. It is totally inconsiderate of others on vacation who are there to disconnect and relax. I can respect that no everyone is a dog person and have more respect and love for my dog than subject him to an environment not his own.

    • I don’t believe anyone of you have owned a dog and took care of it correctly. When you have a dog and take care of it, give it the attention it’s suppose to have, it is part of your family like your children!!!! Dogs can love and do. A kennel is no place for a family member, and to be locked up when it never was locked up in a day in its life , it would be very stressful for the dog , also to have people take care of it that it doesn’t know isnt right either. They are not saying every resort they are doing this for so choose a resort that doesn’t have the policy. What do you do when you are at the store or the park and a dog comes along? I do believe they don’t belong in food areas, and also who says everyone would leave their dog in the room by itself, I know I wouldn’t, it’s not right to also put everyone in the category when there are people who pick up after their dog. I think this is great so you can take your whole family with you on vacation , and that is the way it should be. Also the price is cheaper rhen putting it in kennel for people on a fixed income . I cant wait to go now, this time I can take my other baby.

      • what does my child do when he sees a dog after being attacked by one…runs, screams, hides, has a complete melt down and refuses to go back to the location. And this is after many, many years work with a therapist. But, I don’t expect a dog lover to understand as ‘their dog is perfect’. We need to remember that yes, animals are part of families, however they are still animals. Perspective needs to be kept here…we spend a fortune to get to Disneyworld coming from Australia, and the last thing we need is people bringing their animals to a place where they should not be…it is just cruel and unusual punishment to an animal to serve their own co-dependent attachment on an animal rather than humans…..But i don’t expect dog lovers to understand as they put animals above the mental health of others and refuse to understand the impact dogs can have on others………

        • I could not agree with you more, Little Miss Froufrou. It is incredibly inconsiderate of dog owners to impose their will on others in this way. Maybe someone should start a petition to stop this insanity. I would totally sign it.

        • If your child does this there are A LOT more places than the few times you go to Disney even in a year that they will see a dog. For instance don’t live in a neighborhood bc I know for sure someone will have a dog that they might walk near your child.

  • I have stayed at the Yacht Club twice since this started.. and I’ve seen 3 dogs total. I don’t think a lot of people are bringing them.

  • I’m a dog lover, but I DO NOT WANT the smell of “wet dog,” or cat or dog hairs sticking to every article of clothing I have when I am on vacation — plus my whole family is allergic to cats, and we react within a few minutes to areas where they’ve been. I’ve already seen many times how little some housekeepers “clean” rooms so forgive me for laughing at how they think this will be any different. Why would anyone want to bring their pet with them on a vacation just to leave it locked up in a room, or have to take it out every few hours? And it’s usually the owners of these pets that are the problem, not just the pets themselves — not cleaning up after them after they’ve done their business, leaving them unattended for too long, or worse yet, leaving them howling or barking the whole time, allowing them to get too close to people that may be scared of them, taking them in the food court. This is just one more boneheaded Disney policy that makes no sense. We loved Riverside, but will be crossing these resorts off of our list for the future, and any other resort that is added to this list.

    • First off, only dogs are allowed in rooms. Secondly, dogs aren’t allowed in the public spaces such as the food court etc. Disney makes it super easy to clean up after them having disposal bags outside and bags for them. Most dogs wouldn’t be howling or barking on end because you have to leave a phone number to come and quiet your dog within 30 minutes. Some people have no other oprion but to bring their dog with them. Nothing wrong with that. It’s actually a clever move by Disney trying to expand offerings for pet owners. Also, housekeeping comes each day and cleans extensively for about an hour.

      • sorry, but there are always options….called dog kennels, doggie resorts etc….if you can afford a Disney holiday you can afford a dog kennel, or to have family look after your dog. Brining a dog to keep it in a hotel room whole you are at the parks….selfish and inhumane.

  • I spoke to Disney World customer service on 8/2/2018 and they told me that there has been no official announcement that this has gone permanent. It is still a test program. Their words, not mine.

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