PHOTOS: Construction Has Begun on Japan’s New Table Service Restaurant at Epcot

Back in January we told you that Japan was building a signature steak and seafood restaurant to the side of their pavilion at Epcot. Disney confirmed the information in May, and now we have the first sign of construction at the pavilion. There’s plenty of walls up around the future entrance to the restaurant. Take a look!

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  1. This park needs table service like it needs to cut it’s staffing more. Epcot needs to be more than an eat/drunken fest. Two new rides in 10 years (Guardians and Ratatouille) are a drop of water in the ocean of problems of this neglected park. It has been a cash cow with little in return for guests experience for way too long. Buttttt. the sheep line up to pay to get in, so Disney doesn’t care.

  2. Walt Disney would be reduced to tears if he walked around E.P.C.O.T today. It is nothing like what he envisioned as a futuristic city. It has become just a place for people to get drunk. So sad. The Walt Disney company could return this park to its original intention but let’s face it, alcohol brings in big bucks.

  3. Cutting through the negativity, I’m pretty stoked for this.
    Tokyo Dining is my favorite restaurant at Epcot.
    Hoping for more of the same high quality.

    Ok Whiners……continue.

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