PHOTOS: Major Changes Have Begun at Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room Ahead of Tropical Hideaway’s Opening at Disneyland Park

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Work has begun at Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland Park to reconfigure the Enchanted Garden to accommodate a wheelchair accessible ramp. The work is related to larger changes brought about by the upcoming Tropical Hideaway restaurant next door in Adventureland.

The left side (Main Street U.S.A. side) of the Enchanted Garden is currently walled off as work has commenced. The elevator wheelchairs currently use will be removed later this year, with guests able to use the ramps to enter the theater once the Tiki Room reopens later in 2018.

Tiki god Maui is being moved to accommodate the ramp installation, but he will return at a later date.

Concept art and posters for the Tiki Room attractions around the world can be found on the construction walls.

Disney has yet to announce a reopening date for the attraction following the planned refurbishment as workers encountered asbestos abatement issues when they began tearing up the area that has been mostly untouched since 1963.

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland Park will fully close for refurbishment on August 6th for an indefinite refurbishment period to complete all of this work. No opening date for the new Tropical Hideaway has been announced as of yet.

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  • Here is an installment from Randy Predicts; The beloved Attraction known as the Tropical Serenade, aka The Tiki Room, will be turned into another RESTAURANT…. There will be NO MORE “Attraction”, but the over head show will remain in tack and perform while Guests are eating. You can bet there will be Alcoholic Beverage options served in Tiki Glasses, and you will NEVER see the TIKI Room show again UNLESS you are prepared to PAY to eat in the Tiki Restaurant. Sorry folks, his “Attraction” is NO LONGER INCLUDED in your price of Admission. I hope I a, WRONG, but the Magi Crystal Ball shows this very clearly.

      • no, you would rather pay to eat a dinner so you can see the tiki room show if what i think will happen is what is going to happen… time will tell.

      • What I am talking about is the trend that Disney is on, focused on building restaurants instead of Attractions, and pushing Alcohol where ever they can. I hope I am wrong, but I get a disturbing feeling that the Tiki Room will become a Restaurant… Wait and see.

    • Wow! Calm down!

      The restaurant is being built next to the Tiki Room, it’s being called Tropical Hideaway. It’s going to be a themed combination of the Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise (no word yet on whether alcohol will be served).

      The refurbishment in the Tiki room is probably just to clean & fix things up (the attraction is over 50 years old).

      You’re getting upset over all your own speculating (and some clearly sort of alcohol aversion). Why not wait until things are announced first before getting all clenched up.

      • As I said time will tell… I just see it coming… I hope I am wrong, but wait and see…. As far as my Alcohol aversion, it is because Disney Parks as a matter of foundation core values, were NON Alcoholic… That policy was for a reason.

        • Walt originally wanted the Tiki Room to be a restaurant so if it did happen, it wouldn’t be going against his original vision, it would be honoring it.

          Disneyland Park is still a dry park though so you’re still good there at least.

          • Where did you ever hear that Walt wanted the Tiki Room to be a Restaurant?? I think that is false information.. IF Walt wanted it to be a Restaurant then it would have been a Restaurant. There were NO real Restaurants when Disneyland opened… in fact food service was almost nothing when Disneyland opened. When restaurants were added, they were extremely family type services feeding the masses. The Tiki Room was intended to be just what it was; an Attraction. Let’s see if it stays that way. As far as Disneyland being a Dry Park, so far so good…. California Adventure had booze from the start, but they maintained the standard at the Magic Kingdom. Will it stay that way? Since the dry park was thrown out the window in florida, why would they hold on to the standards in california?? We shall see.

          • Well Jason, thanks for the link to your pod cast… Just because someone says it, does not mean that is the truth. I was not there in 1950, to know first hand what the concept was, and neither were you, or anyone else who follows this type of thing. However, the FACT is that what was BUILT was NOT a restaurant, and therefore what ever ideas may or may not have been considered, what was presented to the Guests was the Tiki Room, Tropical Serenade, as well all knew it. There is much FALSE information which grows on the internet as someone tries to interpret something someone said and that grows into interesting “insider information” which others then gravitate to believing that they learned something… BUT the fact is as I said, there were NO real restaurants at Disneyland when it opened, and it simply does not make common sense that the plan was for some elaborate dinner show, when there were not even regular restaurants. The Golden Horseshoe is a perfect example of this, as that was indeed set up to be a food service with a show, yet the SHOW was what it was all about, and not a place to see a show as an extra while eating. The advent of “dinner show” type attractions came way after Disneyland was being developed, and there is NO WAY that the idea of making the Tiki Room a restaurant where dinners can see the show above while eating for some low price like $50, OR $65, or who knows what price they would put on it, is anywhere near what the concepts were in Walt’s plan. If we want to talk about original concepts, all you need to do is look at Epcot. Common Sense prevails when you look at the reality of things. This is not the fact just because I say so… it is my interpenetration based upon my knowledge of facts and common sense. No one should believe anything people tell you even if it is told to you with conviction… too many people believe in false facts as presented and these false facts then become common knowledge.

  • Has there been any hints regarding when this might open back up or when the restaurant next door is supposed to be finished? We’re taking our first trip to DL in about 3 months and hope that the Tiki Room will be back in action by then.

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