RUMOR: Projection Mapping and Special Effects Coming to Walt Disney World Hotel Rooms

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Hotel rooms at Walt Disney World might be getting a lot more entertaining in the coming future. A recent patent filed by Disney showcases a technology where projection mapping and special effects are built into the room to create a sense of immersion.

This patent is called “Interactive In-Room Show and Game System” and allows for the user to trigger the changes in scenery or effects.

The drawings show the user playing a video game and the projection mapping to extend the immersion from the screen. Also, physical objects in the room like a fan or light are also connected, adding to the immersion.

This technology was also shown as a way to immerse guests who are reading a story, showing the walls being covered in a scenery depicting the current plot in the story. The physical effects were also triggered by the story in a similar way as the video game did.

The goal of the technology is to:

Tell a story and/or magically transform the space into a multidimensional and immersive entertainment or gameplay space.

Where this technology will be used, if ever, remains to be seen. But, the Star Wars Hotel and other deluxe accommodations at Disney Parks seem to be a viable location for this immersive experience.

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  • this seems like a way they can easily sneak a camera onto…now they will be spying on us in our rooms…. I don’t like the sound of this.

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