Disneyland Has Indefinitely Cancelled Plans to Offer FastPass, MaxPass at Pirates of the Caribbean

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Slated to be added when Pirates of the Caribbean returned to the Disneyland Resort with the new auction scene on June 8th, 2018, the delayed addition of FastPass and MaxPass services were finally set to launch in early August at the classic attraction. Now Disney has completely halted those plans.

MaxPass readers installed, but not in use at Pirates of the Caribbean

While Pirates of the Caribbean has a pretty high capacity for guests, the queue has been strained in recent years and it is not abnormal to see it stretch through most of the waterfront area in New Orleans Square. The addition of FastPass and MaxPass would try to alleviate this issue, giving guests an opportunity to ride outside of waiting in the standby line. Disney has now decided this may not work out as planned and has indefinitely suspended plans to add the time-saving service to the boat ride.

Now, this doesn’t mean it will never happen, but it does seem unlikely anytime soon at least.


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  • Perhaps there is hope yet!

    One by one the quite REMOVE of ALL the EVIL Fast Pass entrances would do much to move things back to the right direction which has be off course for quite some time now.

    • You do understand that the fact you can’t spell and randomly capitalize words really ruins your attempt to sound eloquent, right?

      • Eloquence aside, he is correct. It’s been proven that the Fastpass system actually makes the standby lines longer, which would make the issue of the line blocking the pathway outside of Pirates even worse than it already is. It also causes more crowding in shops, restaurants, and on the pathways by preventing the queues from absorbing much the crowd. There have been several really good articles written about this problem.

        • the wait times are longer, not the physical line, if you not anything about attractions at disneyworld you know that faspass system has 3 different stages, stage 1 in 10 fastpass for every 1 standyby, all they way up to 100 fastpasses per 1 standyby , thus creating longer WAIT times but not physically longer lines, as they can allocate a set number of fastpasses to try to work a balance out.

  • Thank god. FastPass works great for certain attractions but for something as high capacity as Pirates it would be a disaster, seeing as the standby lines would only get longer and make the bottleneck of New Orleans Square worse than it already is. Good to see Disney have the sense to realize this and halt the plans, hopefully for good.

  • silly disney. they tried to do fast pass on pirates about 20 years ago. it was a disaster. nothing has changed with the layout of the geography there. so why would it not turn out badly now? it took 6 months for someone to be smart in burbank and look up what happened 20 years ago? or. read a few fan sites to remind them

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