PHOTOS: Siding Goes Up On Disney Skyliner Station at Epcot’s International Gateway, More Land Cleared

The International Gateway station for the Disney Skyliner at Epcot is finally starting to look like the concept art. In the past week, a crane has gone up, lifting the siding onto the new building.

For reference, here’s the concept art for the station:

For whatever reason, more land is being cleared around the nicely manicured lawn just across the water.

The path of the Skyliner is off to the left of all this, so they may just be trying to even out the landscape by taking down these trees on the right.

The building being constructed just behind the pillars is for the Ratatouille attraction being built in the France pavilion of Epcot.

The Disney Skyliner has no announced opening date as of yet. To see the latest progress on some of the other stations and such, please check out our last report.

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