PHOTOS: Disney Skyliner Construction Update – Boardwalk Turn, Caribbean Beach Station, and Riviera Test Building

The Disney Skyliner is ramping-up construction once again. Today we’re bringing you a look at current construction at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, and Disney’s Riviera Resort. You may also remember last week we took a look at the current progress on the Epcot International Gateway work including the frame for the station.



We’ll start at Boardwalk where a turn is being placed for the Skyliner. The turn is right next to Buena Vista Drive on the far side of the current Boardwalk parking lot. This piece will take guests traveling from Epcot to Riviera/Caribbean Beach through a large turn to get situated for the rest of the voyage. The structure is about 50 feet off of the ground, making for a pretty high turn. As construction picks-up in this area parking will be impacted. Expect the small lot on the left of the security booth to be coned-off within the coming weeks, forcing guests to park in the convention center lot to the right of the security booth. There’s a lot more to install here!

Art of Animation/Pop Century

A good portion of the pathway at the end of the Finding Nemo suites is blocked-off. There’s work happening to the pavement behind the fences, presumably to prepare for the increased foot traffic coming to the Skyliner station.

It’s looking like the base is finally in place for the Art of Animation/Pop Century station. We expect vertical construction to begin soon with these large pillars ready to roll. There will also be more Skyliner pillars dropped in the lake, in the middle of these anchor points.

Caribbean Beach

The Caribbean Beach station is coming along nicely as well. Remember that this is the largest of the stations, holding three end-points: One goes to Hollywood Studios, one to Art of Animation/Pop Century, and the last to Riveria. You can see a lot of the wheels and station work for the actual Skyliner portions are completed. The building is starting to become enclosed and we should see more progress done on this rather quickly.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

Here’s where the really interesting piece is going. Riviera station is going to be a mid-way point between Epcot and Caribbean Beach. Guests will be able to get on and off at this location that’s a huge turn. It’s a gigantic piece and there’s a LOT of wheels to help roll the Skyliner buckets along. After the turn it’s a rapid incline to get above the hotel rooms at Caribbean Beach.

We also found a very interesting piece of architecture built and ready to roll next to Riviera.

Well, maybe not really ready to go, but it certainly looks like a building test. One would believe the Riviera concept art to show these slanted rooftops.

Of course we don’t know if this is the resort or the Skyliner station, but we’re leaning towards both at this point.

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3 years ago

Would anyone know if those traveling “buckets “ have a/c ??? #thanks

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank


3 years ago

Does is appear guests will be able to continue on from Art/Pop if going to DHS or would Caribbean Beach be a disembark and reload area similar to what happens when transferring from MK monorails to Epcot? Not sure of the design/limitations of the skyliner.