PHOTOS: Shark Reef at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Paved Over for Additional Seats and Sand

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Shark Reef closed back in 2016 at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park with its future very much in doubt. It sat dormant long after the opening of Miss Adventure Falls just a few steps away, but recently walls were erected around the former dive site. The walls have since come down to reveal beach chairs and sand.

Thankfully they decided to keep the upside down boat that was a trademark of the former attraction.

All the way around this giant prop, they have paved over Shark Reef and filled it with sand to add some much needed additional seating. Hopefully this will keep tourists from feeling the need to throw my towel and mug on the floor so that can sit. Yes, that really happens.

There’s also a large pile of rocks for some reason.

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  • I tried snorkeling Shark Reef one time.
    It was fine, but once was enough.
    So I had no problem when it was closed, but I’m happy they left the upside-down boat at the site.
    Nice tropical prop & memorial for those who really enjoyed it.

  • The rocks cover the open area that was a ramp leading into the upside down ship. Also of note. The waterfall off the rocks (where you entered the reef) still operates

  • I agree, no big deal that the actual attraction isn’t there anymore, but it did have a really cool theme and look to it.. sad to see it go, but I don’t think it will be missed.

  • Another apt metaphor for the New WDW under Iger & Chapek Regime. 1.Take something neat & unique and get rid of it. 2. Put something much, much lesser – in terms of design and cost to operate – in its place. 3. Watch the fans lap it up. 4. Cash larger exec bonus.

    • Right, because that’s exactly what they are doing with the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster, the new Tron coaster, and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge…

  • The rocks are to stop people from climbing into the water and get attacked by alligators. Oh wait . . . never mind.

  • MR CORLESS it is obvious they didn’t know who you were or they never would have messed with your towel & mug

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