Pandora’s Beloved Lumpia Snack Is Still Available at Animal Kingdom Despite Erroneous Reports

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A few interesting menu changes happened at Pongu Pongu recently in Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There’s a brand new breakfast menu featuring some great items (full review coming soon) and an interesting item was omitted from the lunch and dinner.

The famous Pineapple Lumpia has been removed from the lunch/dinner menu online, but is still listed on the breakfast menu. Despite erroneous reports, and a menu board that doesn’t display the treat, the lumpia is STILL readily available and being made fresh.

The culinary team explained that preparing mass amounts of lumpia ahead of time didn’t keep well and guests wouldn’t be guaranteed a fresh treat. Now, those “in the know”, can still order the pineapple lumpia by asking for it. The chefs will make it fresh, although you can wait up to 8 minutes for the sweet treat. It’s still available, and because you’re a WDWNT reader you’re now part of the group that’s “in the know”.

(yes, we got one TODAY, AUGUST 23RD 2018, to prove to you it’s available)

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Thank you for this info! I saw that other story & was really disappointed that I missed my chance to try this treat next month. Glad I read WDWNT & I’m in the know now!