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Pandora’s Beloved Lumpia Snack Is Still Available at Animal Kingdom Despite Erroneous Reports

A few interesting menu changes happened at Pongu Pongu recently in Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There’s a brand new breakfast menu featuring some great items (full review coming soon) and an interesting item was omitted from the lunch and dinner.

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The famous Pineapple Lumpia has been removed from the lunch/dinner menu online, but is still listed on the breakfast menu. Despite erroneous reports, and a menu board that doesn’t display the treat, the lumpia is STILL readily available and being made fresh.

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The culinary team explained that preparing mass amounts of lumpia ahead of time didn’t keep well and guests wouldn’t be guaranteed a fresh treat. Now, those “in the know”, can still order the pineapple lumpia by asking for it. The chefs will make it fresh, although you can wait up to 8 minutes for the sweet treat. It’s still available, and because you’re a WDWNT reader you’re now part of the group that’s “in the know”.

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(yes, we got one TODAY, AUGUST 23RD 2018, to prove to you it’s available)

  1. Thank you for this info! I saw that other story & was really disappointed that I missed my chance to try this treat next month. Glad I read WDWNT & I’m in the know now!

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