PHOTOS: Block & Hans Reopens Serving Draught Beers at Epcot’s American Adventure

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The Block and Hans kiosk has returned to the American Adventure pavilion at Epcot just in time for the 2018 Food and Wine Festival! With the return come some welcomed changes: themed elements and draught beer!

The inside of the kiosk was spruced up quite a bit and it fits in much better with the surrounding pavilion, but we’re not going to play dumb like that’s why you clicked on this story…

While you can still get come canned beer here, there are 4 items available on draught: the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, Ciderboys Strawberry Magic Hard Cider, and the Full Sail Brewing Co. Blood Orange Wheat Ale.

So, what will you be ordering?

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  • Hurry folks….. what will you be ordering!

    Because NOTHING says “American Adventure” more then an outside kiosk selling Alcoholic Beverages!

    So drink hardy, and stagger on over to the American Adventure to see the show while you can still stand and walk straight without stumbling.

    Watch out kids, that staggering man may fall, or he might vomit on you.

      • You are CORRECT…. I have TONS of friends!

        In large part because I am HONEST, and do the right thing for the right reasons.

        And point out things which are wrong when they are wrong whether you agree with it or not; food for thought.

        • That’s all just your opinion Randyland, and you are certainly entitled to it. But that doesn’t mean its “right” or “wrong”. Ease up on the self righteousness! This is supposed to be a fun and informative site.

          • I am an honest man who sees the damage being created as a wonderful place is being desecrated, and core values are being tossed out the window, all in the pursuit of more profits. You don’t like hearing the truth, fine, so your answer is to try personal attacks against me. Try addressing the issues, and explain why it is acceptable to spring up kiosks all around selling alcoholic beverages in Disney World, which was based as a non alcoholic park from day one as foundation principles.

    • Alcoholic beverages are beverages, and as such are a part of the cuisine of a country. A country’s cuisine is very much a part of it’s culture. Part of the immersion of the World Showcase is (and always was) the cuisine, and that includes the alcoholic beverages native to that area.

      Furthermore, just because somebody wants to have a drink, doesn’t mean they are going to vomit on young children. That statement is ludicrous. As bartenders are trained to identify guests who should not have additional beverages, so are CMs to prevent that occurrence. But I’m curious, have you witnessed the massive gut spilling and toppling of guests you allude to must be happening as there are alcoholic beverages all over WS?

      • The idea that alcoholic beverages which were “native to that area” was the EXCUSE given at the beginning of Epcot to BREAK THE RULE of NO Alcohol being served in any Disney Park….

        And with that they were ONLY served in the Restaurants, and the Rose and Crown Pub.

        This has CHANGED, and over the recent decade, OUTDOOR stands have been created to sell more and more Alcohol.

        It has changed the atmosphere, and outdoor “bands” were added to create that “party” feeling and encourage a meeting area for Guests who want to HANG OUT with drinks in hand, and “party” late at Epcot.

        The STENCH of BOOZE is prevalent as you walk around the World Showcase, and you can see the concrete stained with spilled drinks.

        Cast Members have LONG refereed to the World Showcase as the DRUNKS HANGOUT, and YES there have been many Guests who have VOMITED on the World Showcase Promenade.

        It stands to reason that by encouraging the consumption of Alcohol, with that comes the issues of dealing with people who drink too much.

        ALL of this is contrary to the foundation principles of Walt Disney World, and there can be no excuse for it other then the quest for sales.

        • In the last decade you also have had a greater appreciation for the culinary craft, including beverages. This includes craft cocktails, increased wineries, and the surge of craft breweries around the United States. This appreciation begets the realization that people can enjoy the taste of these drinks, rather than drinking them to get drunk.

          I’m going to assume that you do not drink regularly, so you may be unfamiliar with the type of beers these are. These are not Bud Light, or something that someone drinks to drink quickly and have another. These are far richer in taste, and are made to sip and enjoy. In fact it is rather difficult to drink these quickly.

          Furthermore, look at those prices. Assuming a man is 175 lbs (below the average weight in the US), and they spend 8 hours in the park, a man would have to have 10 beers to have a BAC over .08 (legally drunk). That is over $80 someone would have to spend just on their beer. If they have 2 beers in one hour, they would only have a BAC around .02. And this is for a person with a regular metabolism, who drinks occasionally. The types of people who could down multiple beers of the richness of those in this article would take a lot more to get them drunk, so they’d be looking at $100+ just on drinks.

          Roughly how many times would estimate you saw someone vomit? Over the years I never have and neither has family or friends who regularly go. Maybe I was just lucky, but I didn’t need my galoshes to wade through the ankle deep pool of vomit that is Epcot according to you. Now, people vomiting on rides I have heard stories of (and no, they did not imbibe before hand). Should we ban rides too?

          You also mention the outdoor bands to make a party atmosphere that were recently added, but that is false. Off Kilter was stationed in Canada starting in 1997. If there were bands before that, I am not aware, but I know in the 80s they had a caravan that went around the World Showcase with the sheer purpose to make it a party.

          Another statement of yours that doesn’t make sense is that you can smell the stench of booze, and see the spilled drinks. What about the stench of cigarettes that used to be much more prevalent? How was that ok in your mind? Cigarettes are a lot more potent with much more serious side effects for those who smell it, yet that was much common in the past. And how do you know the stains are from the booze? What about dripping ice cream? Or a child spilling juice? In the hot Florida sun in a theme park, those are much more likely to occur, so should we ban those as well? And really, the park is still clean and there aren’t these massive amounts of stains that you allude to.

          You have repeatedly stated you are right, and are speaking like you have the facts regarding the purpose of all of these developments (when there are many inconsistencies in your statements). How do you know the reason for the bands was to add a party like atmosphere? Is that something that came up in a Board meeting that you attended at Disney? Or is that your opinion? The initial basis of your argument is wrong as they aren’t recently added (see the Off Kilter reference above). Second, I think they add more of the cultural experience to the pavilions rather than a party atmosphere. My 3 year old enjoyed the music in some cases more than I did at 30 years old. Is that a boozy party, or just atmosphere? They also have added other acts, like the acrobats in Japan – is that also for the party atmosphere? Or could there be something else at play – like creating a more immersive atmosphere? Maybe the early acts were successful, and visitors enjoyed it, so Disney wanted to make it more enjoyable by adding more acts? How do you know your OPINION is right? (and isn’t it annoying when someone uses all caps?)

          I’m also confused as to what the principle is you speak of? No alcohol is not a principle. It was a tenet, seen at the time as supporting the family friendly principle of the parks. But times change, and clearly you’re in the minority that no alcohol is required to be family friendly. I’m sure there is a profit portion to this decision as well, but you’re fooling yourself if you think the park shouldn’t care about profits – it is a business after all and would close without profits.

          If anything, I think this fits in with the principles of Epcot, by advancing the full cultural experience of the countries of the World Showcase. Epcot was never just a theme park with rides, it was always about experiences beyond that. The music, cuisine and architecture of a country are the culture, and Epcot gives you that. If you don’t want to experience the full culture of another country, just don’t go. But get off your soap box, nothing you’re saying is based on fact, just your opinion. Yours isn’t better than mine, and mine isn’t better than yours. But it’s important to realize when something is an opinion and not inherently right or wrong.

          • You think because the outside would has become a place where more and more alcohol is consumed, that makes it acceptable to change the moral foundation of a place based upon a man’s life and dreams?

            People smoke pot, and there are movements to make it legal everywhere, should that be sold and promoted in the parks too?

            How about prostitution? Legal in some places… Perhaps areas that sell this service for Guests to enjoy while on vacation??

            It comes down to the fundamental morals on which everything was based upon.

            There once was a time that DIsney set the standards, they did not conform to outside influences.

            Prices being high only mean that the rich can get drunk faster then the average guy.

            Guests are expected to pay $5.99 for a cupcake, and you think the price of multiple drinks will prevent them from having them?

            You state that your 3 year old enjoyed the music more then you did at age 30…

            A 3 year old knows nothing about what is good and/or moral, he or she only knows spectacle of noise and lights.

            At age 30, you should be able to see the big picture around you…

            I see a 30 year old parent standing at some out door band party with a drink in their hand, smiling at their 3 year old hopping around to loud noise called party music, and thinking that there is nothing wrong with that.

            What you are teaching that 3 year old is that FUN is drinking and standing around in that atmosphere, so he can grow up just like mommy and daddy.

            And that is YOUR choice.

            The point here is that the foundation core values of what made Disney World have been thrown out the window.

            Disney was NOT like Six Flags or some traveling Carnival.

            It was a place where you could feel the pureness of family wholesomeness.

            And this whole Alcoholic push is not keeping with those values.

            And it is not limited to Epcot either, you find the same push in Animal Kingdom, Studios, and it is on the horizon for the Magic Kingdom.

            You do not have to agree, but these are the facts.

            The world may change, and what people think is acceptable may change too; should the church change the values of the Bible because the outside world has swayed away from the truth??

            Disney is NOT just another “business”; it is an American institution and based upon 1 man’s dreams and visions.

            At least it once was.

          • You are constantly contradicting yourself. Mentioning the price of a cupcake – do people eat 8-10 cupcakes a day? No, they don’t no matter their wealth.

            And thank you, I do see the big picture. That this is a place for enjoyment, which everyone else seems they can do. I like music, always have and always will. I can go into the big picture there of how societies have historically used music to portray their culture, but I don’t have the time. Music isn’t evil like you’re saying.

            Look, if you choose to be bitter and focus on the negatives, and make up stories to make yourself feel a little bit better about focusing on the negatives, go for it. But that “I hate the world” mentality is against the founding principles of Disney.

            You really don’t understand that some people enjoy the taste and can drink moderation and not get drunk, or even slightly buzzed. Kids enjoy eating cupcakes – should we stop that too?

            And stop saying “facts”. They aren’t facts as multiple people have pointed out. You have been blatantly wrong about a lot of things, especially time tables.

            Everyone has their own opinion, but stop making up facts to back yours up when you clearly don’t even understand the basic science behind alcohol consumption and metabolism.

          • No one knows Disney better then I do.

            I was there from the beginning; were you?

            I have seen what has changed, and you only know what was presented to you in you period.

            What I speak is only truth.

            You do not have to agree with me, or think that I am correct.

            It makes no difference to me whether you stand there drinking until you vomit, or whether you eat those dozen cupcakes…

            Or anything else for that matter….

            I express the way I see things ONLY so that some people may look at things through my eyes and perhaps understand that some things which may seem quite unimportant, may actually have great importance.

            You do not see anything wrong with it…..

            I see plenty wrong with it….

            So belly up to that bar and drink up!

            Hop around to the party music and enjoy!

            I will walk right by and see how things degrade further and further.

            I can only be the best person that I can be, and I attempt to please God through my actions here on Earth….

            I hope to hear the words, “well done my good and faithful servant”…

            Each person should step back and ask themselves the question, What will God say to me?

            If you see nothing wrong with what you are doing, then the answer you think you will hear is clear…

            But if you think that maybe, just maybe, there is something wrong with it, then perhaps you may change your opinions.

            Life is based upon choices.

            Party up, or maybe wise up.

        • Alcohol prohibition was never a foundation principle of Walt Disney World. The principle you’re referring to is that Walt (a daily scotch drinker, btw) didn’t want people to confuse his new concept of the theme park (Disneyland) with the low class traveling carnival, which often had drunks in attendance. It was crucial that people didn’t assume that Disneyland was some permanent carnival set up in Anaheim, thus no booze.

          Now thanks to Walts efforts, the concept of the the theme park is solidified, and I can enjoy a beer in Epcot without having to worry about the unsafe and dirty culture of carnie folk.

          • Well, technically Disneyland served alcohol if you want to count private VIP areas where corporate smooshing went on. But the concepts were always a family place where a party was nice cream cake and soda with entertainment being a clown. If you think the crowds are the same as they were 47 years ago with the opening, I hope you enjoy you drink with that illusion. But if you open you eyes to look around at the gang hanging out with you at that party with drinks, you might be surprised to see that guy you feared at the carnival. It is simple… Booze attracts a different crowd. Yes it might be a crowd with money, but rich drunks can be nasty just like average drunks. Pleasure Island should have taught that lesson, with many problems I including parking lot stabbings. It just does not belong in the parks. Do it outside and keep the parks wholesome for the rest of us.

          • Anything opinion based I’m all for. It’s when things that are an opinion are presented as facts, facts are wrong (such as timelines), or there is a misunderstanding and subsequent judgement passed with an air of self righteousness that I take issue.

            This last post, including your bible references, were actually on the same page about a lot of it. However, you jump to the conclusion again that just because I don’t see anything wrong with alcohol being served that I’m going to be gluttonous and over imbibe. That’s not true though – the most I’ve ever had in a theme park is one drink.

            I agree that people who get drunk in the parks are wrong; however I believe most do not go that far.

    • EPCOT has sold beer and alcohol for over 30 years.

      If this is somehow still shocking and horrifying for you after three decades, maybe you should find a different park to visit.

      • Alcohol was sold ONLY in the themed restaurants and the Rose and Crown Pub at the World Showcase from the beginning, and it was shocking from the start. The excuse was to create the theme of countries which had culture of wine and beer for theming.

        There were never OUT DOOR kiosks pushing the sales of booze before the last decade, and the expansion is not shocking, it is disgusting.

        • Yes, alcohol was served in the restaurants, the Rose & Crown Pub, and the outdoor pub area in Germany, as you say, to fit the theme of cuisines from around the world that serve alcohol, since it’s considered part of culture all over the world, including America.

          Yes, there were absolutely outdoor kiosks selling alcohol “before the last decade”. They’ve been doing it in outdoor kiosks for nearly 20 years.

          I understand that you are, for some strange reason, shocked by people drinking beer. But now you’re blatantly lying.

          I think you need to find a new theme park to visit.

          • Oh excuse me, the desecration has gone one for 20 years not 10 years… so that makes me a liar.

    • Alcohol in a Disney park?! This is an outrage!! Build me a drive thru for my mobility scooter where I can buy a 2,500 calorie cupcake like Walt intended!

  • Plastic cups? Well I will never buy a beer there..because you know, the whales, err dolphins, or unicorns…err something, something, coexist something.

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