REVIEW: Pumpkin Spice Mickey Beignets Arrive at Port Orleans French Quarter

Pumpkin Spice: It’s the flavor of fall, the seasoning of a generation, and takes the mind to a simpler time. Piles of leaves, pumpkins, and a drive-thru line that’s an hour long at Starbucks for a latte. While the Pumpkin Spice Latte may be back, Disney is upping the ante at Walt Disney World by adding a Disneyland favorite to Port Orleans French Quarter. That’s right, the famous pumpkin spice Mickey beignets have made their way across the country and landed way down the bayou.

Fortunately this fall delicacy doesn’t raise the price on beignets, they’re the same with or without the pumpkin spice. You can even get the beignet sundae with the pumpkin spice if you wanted!

These are pure magic. Alone the Mickey beignets are nice and fluffy, large enough to please. Adding the pumpkin spiced-sugar on top puts these over the edge. It’s not an overpowering flavor, just subtle tinge in each bite.

They’re hot, soft, and celebrating fall in August, just like the rest of Orlando.