RUMOR: Spaceship Earth at Epcot Will Be Overhauled Once Again, Changes in Post Show Already Visible

As times have changed, the Spaceship Earth attraction at Epcot has changed with them. Opening in 1982, the ride received massive overhauls in 1986, 1994, and 2007, usually with the departure/addition of a corporate sponsor. With over a decade since the last reimagining and coupled with the recent departure of Siemens, Walt Disney Imagineering is ramping up for another round of changes for the park’s icon attraction.

If rumors are true, the ride inside of Spaceship Earth will see a refreshing of all scenes leading up to the Industrial Revolution portion (where newspapers are being printed as a young boy sells them steps away), with changes on a grand scale coming to every scene following that, all the way to the end of the ride. Sources also indicate that the scene in the dome at the top of the attraction where guests look back at Earth from space will be drastically reimagined utilizing the latest in projection mapping technologies.

A timeframe for these changes is unknown at this time. It is also unclear if there will be a new corporate sponsor or if Disney will be the one shelling out the money to fix Spaceship Earth as part of their ongoing overhaul of Epcot which includes a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster, a Ratatouille ride, and much more that has yet to be formally announced.

Changes are already visible in the Project Tomorrow post show at Spaceship Earth, where new signage and lighting has been installed to replace the old.

All of the Siemens references in the post show are long gone, even though the ride still mentions the company.

New signs above the exhibits now break the games into 4 categories: Health, Medicine, Transportation, and Energy. It is possible that these themes will be reflected in a new Spaceship Earth attraction narrative.

Disney has yet to announce any changes coming to the attraction.

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  1. Tom, so you just take something that Martin Smith.said and run a story devoid of any substance. Whatever.

    1. I don’t read what other people write, I don’t have the time nor trust their sources. If you can survive on forums alone, I suggest you do so if you feel this site is regurgitating information.

      1. Tom for the win! It always amazes me how people bash Tom and this site for “regurgitating info” or running stories “devoid of any substance,” only to be CONFIRMED™ days/weeks later. There is a reason the story starts with RUMOR… it’s a rumor that this might be happening. He’s sharing that information… or substance, if you will.

        1. I think the original comment recognized it’s a rumor, but the point was that this rumor has been stated elsewhere for weeks.

          That said, I don’t see an issue with multiple people putting the info out there. My issue is just lack of clarity regarding sources at all. I know exact details can’t be given, but when the rumor is located elsewhere first, and then it comes here without any indication of the source, it looks sketchy and like it’s stealing someone else’s info for profit.

          Is that what necessarily happens, of course not. There’s the very distinct possibility that different people have similar sources so they know the same stuff, because both this site and forums have high levels of success in Confirmed rumors. But, lets also not get overly defensive and forget that some do not happen (such as the multiple times it was said Stitch was closing forever just to be re-opened again).

          Man I can’t get over how cut throat Disney sites are

          1. On another note, I’m not going to crosscheck every rumor by logging into a forum just to make sure no one else has stated it yet. That’s psychotic.

  2. Looks like this may be the beginning of packing all of the old FutureWorld into one attraction.

  3. This is incredibly good news. The final dome scene was always a huge failure. The climax of the ride was nothing special.

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