Old Pop Century, All-Star Movies Resort Room Sets Now on Sale at CORT Clearance Furniture Center

With all the room renovations and refurbishments going on throughout Walt Disney World Resorts, you can’t help but wonder what happens to the furniture and fixtures once they get taken out. Well, ponder no more! They’re oftentimes resold through ebay, or other re-sellers. CORT Clearance Furniture Center is now selling multiple pieces of furniture and artwork/posters from both Pop Century Resort and All-Star Movies Resort! If you want to add a piece of Disney “history” to your house, this is a fun and quirky way to do it. Take a look at what’s available!

Pop Century Furniture:

It’s interesting to note that the poster pictured here is actually from All-Star Movie Resort’s Toy Story section and is not available in their online catalog, but probably in-store.
(I think I may have finally found a solution to my empty guest room.)

Each set includes a dresser, 32″ TV, nightstand, and a Full size headboard, mattress, box spring, and frame. The price for this set is $499.99.

If for some reason you just want the bed set, it’s $159.99.

Please note that while pictured, the dining table set is sold separately for $199.99.

The semi-final resting place of so many in-room dining pizzas…

Pop Century Poster Art:

Room art from the ’50s section of Pop Century is also available, albeit a bit pricey at $199.99 apiece.

A different iteration of the same poster from the ’50s section, also $199.99.

All-Star Movies Furniture:

If your heart and design taste lies with another value resort, there are also sets from All-Star Movies Resort. (Note that the bed seen here for sale is in fact not an All-Star bed, but a Pop bed. Everything else is from the All-Stars, though.)

(Poster listed below.)

Each set includes a dresser, 32″ TV, nightstand, and an Full size headboard, mattress, box spring, and frame. The price for this set is $599.99. While the photos include the mini-fridge, we aren’t sure it’s included. If you just want the dining table and two chairs, it’s listed in the same listing as the full set for $299.99.

The stand-out, must-have item from this entire furniture sale has to be this coat hanger from All-Star Movies. After all those times I seriously considered ripping it off the wall and stuffing it in my luggage, it’s now available for $69.99, which I think is reasonable given what a unique piece it is and how these should be relatively less beaten up compared to the other items.

All-Star Movies Poster Art:

This neat poster from All-Star Movies’ Fantasia rooms is also available for $69.99.

All furniture sets are graded as a “C” per CORT’s Furniture Grading scale, which means they have minor, but noticeable imperfections, hence the low, low price! Returns are valid, with receipt, for 14 days. Currently the sets are only available at CORT’s Orlando location in Winter Park. It’ll be interesting to see what other pieces make it on here as renovations continue across multiple resorts.

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