PHOTOS: Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update (Goodbye Panchito’s, Hello Mercado, New Tower Progress, ETC.)

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We stopped by Coronado Springs this week to check and see how the expansion/refurbishment of the resort is going. A new parking lot opened, the tower is being enclosed, a restaurant changed names, and a feathered friend is missing. Let’s take a look!


Park You Heart Out

The brand new parking lot opened in front of the resort, shuttering the old original parking lot. The old parking lot will return, probably as a valet lot for the incoming tower.

It looms in the distance, concept art decorates the fence between new and old.

It really is gigantic.


Turn it Up to 16

The main addition is quickly becoming enclosed with windows and proper weatherproofing being installed across the building.

You can easily make out dome structures on both sides of the tower now.

Structure is being installed on the 15th floor for the restaurant.

The lobby is becoming more and more open as major construction ends and interior work begins.

A small portion remains un-weatherproofed so far. It’ll be done this week.

You can see arches on the bottom of the building there.

They continue to the right side making for some cool architecture.

The left side’s dome. We don’t anticipate this to be anything more than decoration.

Beautiful sight, right? Something to dream about on your way to Mars.

Using a long zoom you can almost see in the tinted windows. There’s still a lot to be done, but you can also see support structure on the building for decorations to be added.


Light on the Water

Work continues on the new bar & grill being installed in the middle of the lake. This will be great in the middle of summer with every bug in Florida around.

Mid-point structures emerged on parts of the wooden walkways, these will be cool to enjoy.

The structure is taking shape and will look excellent in the middle of the lake.

Another mid-point structure on the path.

They’re about a year away.


El Mercado De Pepper Market

As we told you recently, Pepper Market’s name has been changed to El Mercado De Coronado.

There’s no permanent signage yet. It all seems very rushed.

Blank signs remain next to new ones.

The menus have been updated, but…

The queue signage not so much. No menu changes yet however there is one section of the buffeteria being refurbished. Stay tuned.



2/3rds of Panchito’s Gifts and Sundries is currently behind a wall.

They’ve ripped-out everything to the AC units and wiring above.

The Jose Carioca that was on this ledge has been removed. Hopefully just due to construction.

Please come back!

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  • Really good article, we are thinking of staying in Coronado this winter and it’s good to see what’s going on. You had me cracking up with the “every bug in Florida” comment, LOL

  • Pepper market name change is silly. Why does Disney change it to something that nobody will remember!!
    Walt always liked to simplify names but it does not seem the current management agrees with that.
    Oh well, to the “food court” as I will call it.

  • DisneyWorld Orlando is getting LAME. No real thumbing. They keep building rooms, but not nearly enough space for attractions, roads, or stuff to do. Yes, I know toystory land opened (is tiny, and smaller than ride area it replaced). And Star Wars land coming (also, not nearly enough even for the growth in the last few months). Chapek and Iger need to get their heads in the future, and not ‘now much did we make today’. They’re becoming a dump of a destination which is overrun with tourists with not enough to do.

    • Wow, “a Dump” and “overrun with tourists with not enough to do.” Wow, just Wow
      Have you ever been to WDW

  • Too bad Disney still has to charge for overnight parking at all the resorts. Things are expensive enough and we certainly didn’t need anymore added on.

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