Pricing Adjustment for Minnie Van Service at WDW Now in Effect, Most Trips Now Over $30

We told you last week that Minnie Van at Walt Disney World was dropping their flat rate and moving to a more robust pricing scheme. This new price grid starts a base trip at $15 and then adds on an additional charge per mile. Today we have confirmation of that charge per mile.


After the base rate of $15 you will be charged $2.75 PER MILE. This makes one of the longest trips on property, from Animal Kingdom Park to Contemporary Resort, almost $40. An average trip will now be well above the old $25 flat rate. Looking at the Lyft app you typically don’t see many Minnie Van available, but this morning there were dozens immediately available across property.

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  1. We planned on using this service on our next trip in February. We are staying at the Boardwalk one night and then going over to the Polynesian for the rest of the trip. We might have to plan another route.

    1. Use Uber. It will cost you $10 plus tip. Disney is in trouble. They have added attractions and capacity, but neglected transportation. On my last trip 2 weeks ago, I stayed at Bay Lake and paid the premium for the Monofail. We got stuck twice in 8 days. Our average wait time for the bus was 40 mins. We have gone to WDW 2-3 times per year since 2011. We won’t be returning

      1. I don’t know why anyone would take a mini van. Even before the new pricing structure, the cost to take a mini van vs. taking an uber or a taxi was almost double in the instances I experienced. Mears taxi’s are all over the property and in many instances right on location. They take little to no time to come pick you up and have greater flexibility on the size of the vehicle. A lot of the trips we would take were under the $25 flat fee in the prior pricing structure, never mind this new pricing structure

        1. Main reason for taking minnie van is the proximity to the parks of the drop off /pick locations vs regular Lyft and uber, but even this is only slightly more important at MK and HS. Also, they have car seats for safer kids’ transport, although they can only accommodate up to five as they are cross-over suvs, not actual minivans. My husband and I were just there a week ago and used regular Lyft everyday, much cheaper and always nice…always faster than the buses!

        2. The Minnie Van comes with two car seats and a seating capacity of 6. So if you want a true comparison you have to compare it to UberXL with the car seat surcharge. With the old pricing you would almost always win with the Minnie Van if you needed the two car seats or seating for six passengers. The new pricing will make for a larger disparity, but you need to compare apples to apples.

    2. Did you know that Disney will transfer your bags for free? You drop them at Bell Services at the Boardwalk in the morning before you go to the parks, let them know you need them transferred to the Poly, then go enjoy your day. At night, you’d return to Poly instead of Boardwalk. The bags will be in your room at the Poly when you get there after a day in the parks, and if you have anything that needs to be refrigerated, they’ll keep it cold for you. We used this service this past May, and it was awesome!

      1. I’ve been reading on the forums that people are using Lyft or Uber because it’s almost half the price of the Minnie van.

        1. Just got back. Trips were $10 and under. Most of them were around $6. So the price was less than half of the old $25 charge. Now they’ve upped it. It’s crazy.

      2. 1. During a transfer, They typically willl not bring your luggage to your room unless you are their. 2. Not really free as one should tip bell services on both sides.

  2. I used this service a few times during my last trip when it was a flat $20 per ride. At that price, I found it to be slightly expensive, but still worth using occasionally. The cars were very clean, and the drivers were especially friendly and helpful. But I would not even consider using it at these new prices.

  3. Shame on Lyft and Disney. We are currently at WDW. We used the service our first night and paid the flat rate of $25. (A bit pricey for the trip but was worth not waiting for a bus). Now our rides will be a minimum $30 (plus tip because this isn’t the driver’s fault). Disney doesn’t want you to drive to their resorts anymore (adding a per day parking charge at the resorts) and they clearly don’t want us using the Minnie Vans as they are making them ridiculously priced. I have a child with a disability. Sometimes waiting in long bus lines and being on an overly crowded bus at park close isn’t the best for our situation. We were really looking forward to using this service and Disney disappointed us.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Everytime Disney does something for the good of its guests they get greedy and keep charging more and more until only a few people don’t mind paying for it.

  4. Over the years we stayed at just about every Disney World resort. Since we now stay in FL 3 months in the winter, we have annual passes and our car. I’m so glad! We visit all the resorts, dine thrre, znd then go home to our nice condo. Can’t beat it. BUT, if you get tired, Or have kids who need to rest in the afternoon, the on property resort is the way to go! Those Minnie vans alot e too expensive!

  5. They outta compensate for that 15 bucks an hour they just gave everyone🙄 I mean the only brought home like 50 billion last year in profits🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

  6. Disney no longer wants the poor people at their resorts so they price them out. Soon only people in the $250,000 and above will go. The parks won’t be overcrowded and less transportation will be needed. So sorry Walt, what has happened.

  7. We just used the regular Lyft two weeks ago while staying at the Coronado. Average trip with tip was $12 to 14 bucks.

  8. This is why Disney World has to cut back to create it’s own demand. Poor customer services at way too high of a price. That place if run right would be a theme park mecca with a bunch of new parks. Instead, no real growth in 10+ years down there. All they add are sales points and take away more attractions than they add.

  9. Just to compare, as an Uber driver, my take-home rate per mile is $0.67 for UberX trips and $0.98 for UberXL … its really difficult letting that $2.75 rate sink in …

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