REVIEW: New Rum Cake at Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom

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Gunpowder Pete may have gotten away with his treasure, but he didn’t get the rum. Rum Cake, rather. There’s two brand new items on the menu at Tortuga Tavern, one being the Rum Cake and another being a Pirate Pear Slush. We didn’t bother with the slush because it’s literally the prickly pear slush from Golden Oak Outpost that they got rid of when they added their brand new milkshakes. Interested in the Chipotle Barbecue Short-Rib? We have a full review of the sandwich here. Today we’re pulling a (captain) Jack Sparrow and are here for the rum… cake.

Rum Cake – $3.99

Honestly… it’s quite good. For a quick service restaurant that features hot dogs and turkey legs, they really figured out how to make a flavorful cake. It’s a lot more dense than you would imagine, but very moist and fluffy on the inside. The cake is spiced as you would expect, and there’s also a large drizzle of rum flavored glaze on top which gives a nice balance to the flavors. It’s good and for four bucks you won’t feel bad about how small the cake is. Check it out next time you’re around Pirates of the Caribbean.