Several Long-Time Citizens of Hollywood Are Being Eliminated In Upcoming Streetmosphere Budget Cuts

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In preparation to achieve fiscal 2019 cost reduction targets, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is cutting several members of the Citizens of Hollywood Streetmosphere team.

Leaving by the end of the month will be the Dorma Nesmond, Paige Turner, Dara Vamp, and Officer Prime Brody characters. Several of these actors have been in these roles for many years and are among the most senior entertainers in all of Walt Disney World.

It is unknown if any of them will be recast or replaced with new characters.

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  • Sad but understandable. I’m guessing the park improvements are costing more than they anticipated. Also, they are going to need to staff the new lands. I wish the performers well.

    • If you look at the original plans for Toy Story Land, you will see that they had to scale it back because they were over budget. I believe that a Pizza Planet was supposed to go in there.

  • We’ve enjoyed these performers for years and love how they can make a guest feel like a super star. Disney is just stripping away the personal aspects of the Parks. Guess it’s easier to have robots.

  • Just close the parks and turn them all into a mall like Disney Springs. Disney has given up on making a ‘guest experience’ anymore. Truth. Just call it quits. After seeing Toy Story Land, which would be an embarrassment in 6 flags, and all the other cutbacks at WDW in Orlando, we’re not impressed with the direction of Disney World. This doesn’t surprise us.

  • Sad. These performers were one of the things I loved most about this park. It’s one of those uniquely Disney things that added a special touch.

  • Disney chopped up Hollywood studios for Star Wars. Now possible lay off of Hollywood characters. The place is not the same.

    • You mean like the Star Wars themed land that they opened earlier this year? Which was the reason they chopped up the backlot tour and took down the Earful Tower?

      • That water tower with Mickey ears was gone prior. Maybe early 2000’s. You walk into Hollywood Studios this year and right off the bat Star Wars Stage performance lol. No more Sorcerer Hat!!! Back lot cut up, no back lot tour, Muppets slowly disappearing, Honey I shrunk the kids walk through gone. I’m surprised Indiana Jones is still there. A lot of sacrifice for so called up coming projects (Star Wars hotel and Star Wars Land) It’s sad characters possibly having to leave or even worse laid off.

        • The Water Tower has been gone for 2 years at the most. The reason for the removal was for Toy Story Land, people think it was removed earlier because the hat became the icon. They actually added a new muppet restaurant, which not too many people have noticed, but you keep your shallow minded “STAR WARS BAD” mindset and enjoy the other areas.It’s not for everyone.

  • Wow, Disney must be really falling on hard times if they have to make these “cost reduction targets.” And here I thought the company was making billions of dollars in profits. I guess the cost savings from eliminating plastic straws just isn’t enough.

  • Disney IS making of fat stacks of cash from the parks these days. I don’t believe for a minute that these cost reductions are because they are strapped. They clearly have data that shows that as they continue to make changes like these over the years, guest attendance doesn’t go down, and profits keep going up. It’s been awhile since Disney let longstanding (historical at this point) company ideals stand in the way of low-risk, clear profit gains for the company.

    Perhaps less cynically, I don’t recognize most of these laid off characters from the last time they fired a huge number of streetmosphere characters, so the fact that they are getting rid of these characters might just mean they’ll hire younger, cheaper upstarts who will over 6-8 years gain enough pay increases to be the target of future cost reductions. Circle of Life I guess.

    • Dorma Nesmond and Paige Turner have been there a long time. They were there when I worked at the parks back in 2006 to 2011, and predated me. Hate to see them go. It’s not the first cuts they’ve had to this group, and I’m afraid it won’t be the last. :-(

  • Thanks Star Wars,… i dont go to this park anymore… the magic is gone. With all the space they have, they couldnt build an additional park for this franchise and encorporate marvel in it too? I knew it was over when they ripped out the classic annimators footprints behind the annimation building….they are lost and Rolly Krump is right… the parks are gone. But they wont listen……. they continue to encorsge people to stay off site by taking bennifits away from on site guests and selling pay as you go extra magic hours…. keep Walt in the parks or i may as well go to universal… its cheaper.

  • This is just so sad. The Citizens of Hollywood were one of the top reasons to go to Hollywood Studios. Going forward, we should just stand in the long ride lines instead?? No thanks!

    • Jeff…Funny, I’m exactly the opposite! I love the Streetmosphere performers, etc. and don’t like Star Wars, Marvel, Guardians, etc. I don’t watch the movies and will never visit those attractions. In the overall WDW budget, the performers salaries were a teeny, tiny pittance. Layoffs, firings, etc. will never make up the $70 billion dollars for the FOX acquisition.

  • This is a CRAZY move by Disney! Our day at Hollywood Studios stops in it’s tracks to enjoy these incredible entertainers. I am absolutely sickened!

  • This so so sad to hear yet again. Long standing cast members being stripped away of a job. Not cool. If they are recast then fine. Maybe Eisner needs to come back. Because the direction this company is taking isn’t very good. The studios isn’t magical anymore. Star Wars won’t even be able to fix that.

    • Hollywood studios is a park where I stay 4 hours on tops. If it were not for the Citizens of Hollywood particularly Dorma Nesmond I would show up to this park. Been to Disney many many times.

  • Ridiculous! We’ve enjoyed the COH every year and its like revisiting family! How horrible to treat some of your most loved characters. Take the $20 a night you charge to park at the resorts and pay their salary. What’s next? Cut Mickey back to part time? Maybe he can help make ends meet now that Amazon pays $15 an hour.

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