Anaheim Living Wage Measure Would Not Apply to Disneyland

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According to the LA Times, the Disneyland Resort would not be a part of an Anaheim ballot measure that requires all hospitality businesses that accept a city subsidy to pay employees a living wage of $15 an hour with an annual $1 rise in pay through 2022.

While Union leaders believe the measure should apply to Disneyland due the city agreeing to sell bonds in 1996 to help the resort build a parking garage, a legal opinion requested by Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray suggests otherwise.

“In summary, although there are many moving parts to the bond transaction, it does not appear to incorporate a direct city subsidy; that is, an agreement in which Disney is entitled to a “rebate of transient occupancy tax, sales tax, entertainment tax, property tax or other taxes, presently or in the future, matured or unmatured,” he wrote. “Therefore, it is the city attorney’s opinion that Measure L would not apply to Disney by virtue of the bond transaction.”

Whether Disneyland finds themselves a part of the process or not, the measure will be voted on during the upcoming Nov. 6th election.

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  • I am all for a living wage for everyone, but a dollar a year after upping to $15… I don’t know what the wages are now but I foresee job loss and price increases to keep the pockets of the higher ups full… Where I live the minimum wage goes up 20 cents and hours get cut and thus service goes down…

  • The website Cryo-Freezer 33 is running an in-depth investigative report on how Disney is once again trying to rig the elections in Anaheim through its various bribed puppet candidates and trying to hijack the Florida Constitution against the will of the poeple.

    As long as Disney is pulling all the strings inside the Disneyheim City Council, you might as well call it the City of “Anacrime.”

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