PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 10/24/18 (Goodbye Planet Watch, New Merchandise, Everest Refurb, DINOSAUR Updates, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to see what’s new and exciting around the park…

Time’s Up for Planet Watch

On Saturday, Rafiki’s Planet Watch closed. Is it permanent? Is it seasonal? Are they really refurbishing it? No one actually knows. I overheard several guests ask cast members and every cast member had a different response. I assume Disney would want to at least tell the cast the answer they want them to give, but if they have, no one is actually listening to their manager. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Without Planet Watch, how will I know which DisneyNature Earth movies to watch?

Without a doubt, the saddest part of the closure was saying goodbye to the particularly friendly animals in Affection Section. There is clearly a contingent of guests who make a point to see these guys on a regular basis and many appeared pretty heartbroken on the final day. I’m not sure everyone will miss Planet Watch, but understandably many guests will miss being able to have animal interactions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

That’s usually the face I get for making constant “SEVEN” jokes…

Have you ever used the restrooms in Conservation Station? Not only did they have animal facts, but they also had these cute tile animals.

I’ll miss you most of all crazy tiger face.

While it was only offered once a day, “It All Started with a Mouse” was a rather cute show that tied Disney’s history with animals to the park. You can watch it below if you haven’t seen it (because now you can’t):

Goodbye weird spider hole…

Song of the Rainforest closed weeks ago. Why? BECAUSE MONEY. Although I can’t imagine what it costs to upkeep these. Maybe too many guests were hooking-up in them? And yes, that’s a thing that would happen…



Has anyone actually waited this long for the Wildlife Express Train?

This was the last place in the park you could find these colorful benches made of recycled materials.


As Planet Watch came to a close, the cast members gave guests a special opportunity to meet the animals in their homes, an area usually off-limits to guests.

If you want to relive the final moments of Rafiki’s Planet Watch, are captured it all on video for you to enjoy:

This and That

They’re currently fixing the steam effect for the trains on Expedition Everest.

It’s only October, but Santa Saurus is BACK! Catch him in Hester and Chester’s Dino-Rama.


The last-ever PinQuest has begun at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These are pretty fun and the pins are neat.

For the first time in many, many years, the packaging is changing on Goofy’s candy Co. items.

DINOSAUR is looking great right now. The final Carnotaur audio-animatronic has an entirely new lighting package and the rest of the attraction seems to be in working order. This certainly changes from day-to-day, but I would go see it as soon as possible.

Shopping Spree

Princess Top, $29.99

A new line of Princess apparel has arrived at the parks.

Shorts, $34.99
Girls top, $29.99
Hoodie, $54.99
Hoodie, $54.99
Top, $34.99
Beast tee, $34.99
Gaston Extrovert tee, $24.99

They’ve started putting size stickers on all of the tees.

Pluto tee, $24.99
Grumpy tee, $24.99
Walt Disney World tee, $24.99
Walt Disney World tee, $24.99

Is it just me, or is this the worst non-192 store Disney World tee of all-time?

Wait, a new contender has entered the fray…

He’s Drowning

OK, seriously now, can someone fix this scene in Pandora? One of these water-dwelling creatures is sinking, another is missing, and the last one looks like he’ll be diving in next. How is this acceptable?

Yes, they are still working on the Otter exhibit…

Rafiki’s Wilderness Explorer Badge Watch

We returned a few days later to see signage for planet Watch was still up.

Guests can still head down this was to earn some Wilderness Explorer badges.

Dino-Rama received new cast member costumes this week. While the new DINOSAUR costumes are quite cool, these are pretty boring. I know the old ones were gaudy, but it fit the theme. What about these new costumes says “roadside attraction”?

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Melanie B.
Melanie B.
2 years ago

Very thorough and enjoyable article! I want to pet some goats now!!!

2 years ago

thanks tom for one last look !