BREAKING: Door Falls Off of Monorail Green at Walt Disney World, Causing Multi-Hour Service Delays

If you thought a monorail door opening while guests are riding inside of it was bad, I bet you aren’t ready to see a door from a monorail completely detached…

Photo courtesy of @stalecupcakes on instagram

It appears that a door fell completely off of Monorail Green this morning (sometime before 10am) while at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa station. The door is seen in the photo above dangling between the Express and Resort Line tracks, with personnel taking a cherry-picker up to the door to pull it down. Obviously, this has caused several hours of downtime for the system and guests are being directed to alternative transportation.

It is unknown if guests were in the monorail car when this happened, but it appears that no one was injured. Disney has yet to make any statement on the incident.

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  1. Yup no rush to order those new Monorails.
    by the 50th Monorails will have all the excitement of an E ticket ride

  2. I’m a diehard but between the trash around the parks and the complete disregard for the monorail you have to start questioning wdw management. Prices are through the roof but they are doing many things on the cheap. they seem to want to make Disney world a six flags.

  3. Gotta believe OSHA is getting really tired of these episodes. Starting to border on willful violations

  4. It would appear to be on the platform side for a local beam train.

    Doors just do not fall off by themselves, and since the other doors are in the closed position, one might assume that something was in the way of the closing door, and instead of the door detecting the obstruction, it broke off.

    Certainly an interesting sight, and we are all curious what actually took place!

  5. Disney has to stop worrying about putting up new stuff until the old stuff stops falling apart…..

  6. Me at guest relations:
    Do you sell authentic models of the monorail, specifically ones where the doors come off?

  7. *Interior – Walt Disney Parks and Resorts offices*

    “Yeah hi, Bombardier? So.. is there any way we can change the shipping on those new monorails from standard to rush? Hmm? Yeah the extra cost is fine. The Lemon garage at Disney Springs can wait….”

  8. Team Disney Burbank can spend billions obtaining 20th Century Fox … but those corporate bean counters won’t spend a penny improving the WDW Monorails!🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. it goes without saying someone is going to get badly injured or killed one day . how Disney geys away with this as well as the overloading of the buses .

  10. I think if these monorail failures keep happening, they will have to shut down the entire system until the new trains are ready. That’s a shame. I hope the government inspections don’t force the shut down, but that’s what they deserve for not planning ahead. The trains should have been replaced ten years ago.

  11. Gosh if only there was a large multimedia company that Disney previously worked with that would give Disney a whole fleet of monorails for free. That would be swell.

  12. Another clear sign that Disney’s concern for safety or guest experience ends when it costs any money. Glad this one made it to the news and this site brave enough to air it. Stuff happens at park worse than this every day. Our job as CM is to hide it by not calling 911, but calling Disney directly to deal with it. The PR people reply before anyone else. A note to guests, do not get hurt or sick at Disney. You will get a delay in care.

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