REVIEW: The Epcot Holiday Cookie Stroll Can Take a Hike

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New this year to the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays is the “Holiday Cookie Stroll” – an expensive way to eat bad cookies.

Using your Festival passport booklet, guests purchase five different cookies in the World Showcase, getting a stamp for each. Upon completion, they can then get a completer Mickey cookie with some milk at Showcase Plaza.

The cookies are all $2.00 each and include…

Red and Green Chocolate Chip at Feast of the Three Kings

Peppermint Sugar at Bavaria Holiday Kitchen

Black and White at L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen

Gold Chocolate Chip at Yukon Holiday Kitchen

Note: The last one is a Green and White cookie at the American Holiday Table, but alas they were completely out upon review. They did offer the stamp for free for those who asked until the cookie could be put back into stock.

So, once all of the cookies have been purchased, the Completer Red and Green Mickey Sugar Cookie can be picked up along with a small bottle of Fairlife milk at the Sweets and Treats booth in Showcase Plaza.

So now the big question…is it worth the $10 in cookies?




Not remotely.


With all the great options for you to try at the Festival, why spend a Hamilton on cookies that taste worse than the store-bought ones at your local grocery store? And who doesn’t love a tall glass of milk after walking around World Showcase on a warm Florida day and already eating five cookies?

If you’re looking for a World Showcase activity for the kids, take in Chip and Dale’s Christmas Tree Spree scavenger hunt instead.

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  • I guess to each their own. I happen to love the cookies they served and $10 for 6 cookies? Honestly that’s cheap compared to other Disney prices. I really think you should try to review things with less bias. Not everyone feels the same way you do about cookies.

  • I agree with previous comment i think you get what you pay for and $10 for 6 cookies are not bad plus the opportunity to spend some time at epcot, people pay a lot more for cokkies and hot chocolate at mickey’s very merry christmas party and you can see the same shows durring the day for free the week of christmas for the price of a regular ticket. and people flock to that one like a moth to a flame

  • I just told my brother about this. He & his family go to Epcot tomorrow. My niece is excited. To be honest, the completer Mickey-ear cookie and milk would be close to $10 and this would be something fun for the kids.

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